【ENG SUB FULL】Keep Running EP.1 20170414 [ ZhejiangTV HD1080P ]

43 thoughts on “【ENG SUB FULL】Keep Running EP.1 20170414 [ ZhejiangTV HD1080P ]

  1. #KeepRunning #奔跑吧 Thanks for you waiting,enjoy!
    😍【Chinese FULL】https://youtu.be/HSNZSQ8gO48
    😍【Documentary】https://youtu.be/thaImhXysGo #跑男来了
    😍【Comedy Serial】https://youtu.be/oWiHyh9qAbw #奔跑小剧场
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  2. I started watching keep running season 5 this year, I decided to watch episode 1 to episode 7 because I skipped it, I also just knew that Luhan has a girlfriend and she's in this episode too. Guan Xiatong, right? Seeing Raba and Xiatong interact is quite weird knowing that Xiatong is Luhan's girlfriend yet we ship Luhan with Raba. Xiatong is actually really pretty, but I still ship Luba/ Ludi.

  3. i just realised luhan and that girl on the toys family did a movie 1 year after this and they were couples :333 but i still ship luhan and dilraba

  4. Luhan AND his girlfriend are an amazing couple because they don't care if people hate them they love each other and there will always be people who like dilabra (not sure how to spell her name sorry) and luhan but he loves his girlfriend so stop think about their feelings and not what you guys want don't only see beauty see how wonderful the person is personally I think luhan would look great with whoever he wants to date whether she is older and not rich or young and rich it doesn't really matter he loves whoever he wants and if people can't understand that then your not his fans.
    Also in 42:08 did anyone notice in the left bottom corner that man is holding on to xiaotong's like that oooooo luhan get your girllllll!!!

  5. i know lu and di are cute but they have their own life they can decide who and stuff u all know when in middle school somebody said u would be good with him like y/n + somebody and the whole school says it its not nice they are free

    u those where some deep thoughts from the quiet girl XO

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