【ENG SUB FULL】Keep Running EP.12 20170630 [ ZhejiangTV HD1080P ]

35 thoughts on “【ENG SUB FULL】Keep Running EP.12 20170630 [ ZhejiangTV HD1080P ]

  1. Its been two years already and eveytime i watch this episode and i know it was the final one i feel so sad like its the end of the world

  2. Cherrie is such a good sport! like, she is incredibly clever during the balloon fight…and she is just very funny overall! I love her!

  3. hahaha when they gonna fight but luhan start to sing then all of them sing hahahaha and when luhan tore off chen he name tag hahaha sunddenly epic face

  4. 29:13 Reba's expression might as well have said: Life sucks I wanted to pop a balloon, even if it was our own! 🤣😂

  5. i don't know why i cry when i watch all reba's video since she be a new member of this family..its make me cry because she not join running man next season..it make me weak..🙁

  6. I dont know why but im just feel something when i watch this season. I wanna cry cause i feel like i am the member in this family but its gonna end soon. So i just want to said that this season of family member was the best of the best. Its like they are just the true family. Always support others. Deng Che was the best leader. Luhan was the caring person ever. Didi was the cuteness and shy shy but want people. Its make her look so cute. Big black cow is the strongest and brave and caring ever. Baby was the greatest mom ever. Cheng he was the happiness and make me always laugh. Zheng kai, iluvu. You are the family member of my favorite. Idunno why but u r caring fastest brave. Chu lan the cutest ever. You are great and focus in every games. Chaio, run family.

  7. Even Raba is not on the next season,I hope on season 7 she will come back.Idont know if Luhan isstill a member at the next season but please keep them two because mane people are watching keep running because of them two❤❤💟💟they are full of chemistry and they are so cute together

    Request from a FILIPINA😊😊😊

  8. I just watch this from season 1 to season 7 for the whole cast. They make me laugh and much of energy and I hope that next season they will invite Angelababy & Den Chao …

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