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The global climate emergency is fast unfolding and each day brings a fresh round of headlines highlighting the impact that extreme weather events are having on communities and nature around the world. It’s fueling a deep and pervasive sense of hopelessness and powerlessness among people, in what mental health professionals variously call “climate anxiety” or “climate grief”.

Those directly affected by extreme weather tied to climate change are struggling to cope as their way of is irrevocably altered. Communities affected by events such as major storms, rising sea levels, wildfires and Arctic ice melt often report increased incidences of depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, substance abuse, and interpersonal violence. But with negative impacts tied to climate change unfolding at an alarming rate that is beyond the predictions of scientists, even those so far relatively untouched by climate change are troubled by a sense of unease and doom about the state of the world and what it means for the future of humankind.

Mental health experts are now engaged in developing strategies to help people cope with an emergency that is playing out in real time and with frightening speed. In the first of a week of special shows tied to #CoveringClimateNow we’ll look at climate anxiety and how it can be overcome – and even harnessed – to positive and life-affirming effect.

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33 thoughts on “🌍 Are we suffering from climate grief and depression? | The Stream

  1. if a politician had realistic climate goals they would never be elected, because average people demand an unrealistic standard of living in a grossly inefficient capitalist system

  2. The weather is changing, but has nothing to do with people, this is a cycle that comes around every 12,000 years, we need to start growing food indoors and start moving people into safe areas, a food shortage will bring a slow and deadly future

  3. look for the poorest negro on any 4 corner of the earth. and ask how do you survive.. We are not gods mere dust that has a Creator. #negrohebowgumbo

  4. People who went through the horrors of WW2 obviously experienced Grief and Anxiety too. But a difference here is those people were DIRECTLY affected by the bombs and other horrors. The people today are NOT directly affected, but it seems their Grief and Anxiety are from the fear of the future of something more deadly than WW2. The future of life on the planet. I think if you did a survey of young people say in Britain during WW2 you wouldn't get the same response. "We can handle this together, We will win this war" etc. There would be some sort of hope for them. Today, no hope is offered. The scientist here said she often cried. I have seen others in the Climate Field shed tears too.

  5. Follow the way to navigate the difficult times ahead here. The most important preparation and pathway : https://www.newmessage.org/the-message/volume-4/great-waves-change

  6. Simply explained, as usual with good tips on time management, like cooking in short time with no fuss . Thank you for your wonderful receiepes.

  7. The Vermin aka Humans are afraid? Bwahahahahahaha. It is already too late. Way too late … to reverse the damage done by the verminous humans.

  8. Believe me when I say that I am truly sorry to write what I am about to;
    I am 52 yo, and been aware of the destruction the"civilized countries" are doing to Earth, since at least 30 years.

    All the organizations trying to fight for a cleaner world have Failed since, they've asked and begged to the corporates and countries responsible.
    They cut trees, pollutes the grounds, the seas with oil spills and dumped toxic wastes, overfish, kill fauna and flora for "sport"..
    And Still we beg and remain polite..
    It Doesn't Work..!!!
    What is left to do..; what if like in the end of the movie "Fight Club" they were to be destroyed, robbed of life, ruined, made to feel what all the rest of us feel…??
    The time for talk has ended and time to "take them Out" is now..!!
    Will they call us "terrorists" ..For sure, but is there any choice…???!!!

  9. Who cares? Pretty soon students bothered about climate change will have the option to move to Mars and won't have to deal with climate on earth. And since Elon Musk is going to get us to Mars, there will only be Electric vehicles on Mars and no Fossil Fuels #ProblemSolved

  10. What a cool channel a really love Aljazeera channel since provides you with unlimited world events, news, this has really inspired me open my channel thanks alot guys ..

  11. the fight is really about giving back to the planet for to long we have taken and not given back protest is pointless governments are the problem they restrict the healing of the planet

  12. Fake news. There is NO climate crisis. The world is NOT coming to an end and the mainstream "news" is just political propaganda.

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