2019 French Grand Prix​: Race Highlights

51 thoughts on “2019 French Grand Prix​: Race Highlights

  1. hmmm… similarly to French restaurants where people, not staff, should remember what did they order (and soon they will probably need to cook by themselves), on this F1 track the racers have to know themselves where are the allowed and where are the disabled parts of the track (and soon they will need to re-paint the entire track by themselves). Bravo, France!! Enjoy coffee brakes!

  2. This track delivers… it delivers a race that provides the very best, most effective audio-visual ASMR. Fell asleep right after the start!

  3. Everything about this race was utter shit looking back. Mercedes 1-2. Shit. Hamilton Winning. Shit. Paul Richard in General. SHIT

  4. They should get rid of this idiotic chicane in the middle of the long straight!!! These fucking cowards called FIA should finally realise that these cars are the safest in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This track must be on the calander by accident. Never seen such a rubish track. Its basicly a sheet of asphalt with a LOT of UGLY paint on it. The drivers talk about this track as real challenging. How can it be challenging if there are miles of run-off areas everywhere? Ok the patern that is painted on the sheet of asphalt might be a challenging drawing but I think the drivers have got a very strange picture of what a challenging track actually is.. F1 PLEASE dump this track. And if you can't then please demand everything that doesn't include the F1 track to be painted with a green paint that is slightly more slippery than the track.

  6. FIA should reconsider the points they assign. Pole, leading whole race, winning, fastest lap. 26 pts isn't enough for such a performance.

  7. Please ignore my ignorance in this matter, I haven't seen F1 in quite a while.
    But what the fuck happened to the French Grand Prix?

    I mean fair enough, Magny Cours wasn't the most exiting track either, most of the times only when it rained.
    But what the hell is this abomination?
    Not only did they create a track that is even more boring than Magny Cours, but what the fuck is up with those colored lines?
    Do they try to hypnotyse people to believe that this track does look good or what is this about?

  8. lose hype and interest during a season so fast. I'm a Hamilton fan, and even I'm getting bored of Mercedes dominance and snooze fest races.

  9. Im amazed how this commentator still makes something boring sound exiting. All cars like back in the good old days. Same limitations and shit. I stopped watching because its the same result, the only difference is the damn track.

  10. Yes! Well deserved win by Hamilton as usual. Felchari fan girls and Vettel being crybabies, also as usual.

  11. Maybe if the track wasn't shitty drivers wouldn't be able to abuse it's complete lack of punishment for bending track boundaries.

  12. How can there be any highlights from the most boring race in decades. Lowlights is more like it. Wake me up when the season's over.

  13. i'm sorry guys but I can't stand Paul Ricard Track — It's so non-descript I don't know one corner from the next — maybe it's just me but there is waaay too much run-off and just zero character — that wasn't a bad race but those waves of blue lines were killing my eyes and I wasn't even sure where drivers were supposed to be on the track — seems like a Rat-Maze — Please FIA bring Back Magny Cours — there have been some epic classic races at Magny Cours that track seems more of a challenge and has an amazing variety or character rich corners – C;mon F1 we tried here and it's just not good imo (I tried to like it I honestly did).

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