5 Things you NEED to get to Immortal rank in DOTA 2 | ft EG.Arteezy and Secret.Zai

34 thoughts on “5 Things you NEED to get to Immortal rank in DOTA 2 | ft EG.Arteezy and Secret.Zai

  1. 0:24 – Don't leave fights because you want to
    3:29 – Good TPs vs Bad TPs
    5:48 – Every game has a point where you eithter follow your team or lose
    7:06 – Push the towers
    8:50 – Pick better

  2. I think you need 49.99. Lets be real Dota is the best Moba…but there's boosters in the trivia chat.

    Also notice for ranked games Dota 2 has the worst ban system. Like lmao why cant we actually get a ban every game like every other MOBA.

  3. 1. Don't be complete crap.
    2. Have high conduct MMR.

    Low conduct MMR means if you are 4k, you are basically having a much harder game than 10k's do.

  4. I once played ursa with phase boots and vladimir at lvl 11.. That time was 3 hero bottom, and 2 missing. My hero flame me to go for rosham while they go defend our tower bottom..and the result is, all 3 of the enemy at bottom tps to mid, and engaging me at rs. We were teamwipe that time. But luckily we won that game. That was when im ancient. Now im divine

  5. I'm at 2.5k mmr and I can relate with this. All of my games my team picks some random heroes just because they feel like playing it without thinking first what heroes are more useful or can counterpick the enemy's team. So must of the time I end up counter picking or fill whatever we need and that's the only reason how I went from 2k mmr to 2.5k mmr

  6. I've been immoral 800 since 2 years now, tell me how to go pro in this shitty t2 Pro scene or tell me how to kidnap GabeN

  7. P U S H T H E G O D D A M N T O W E R S
    Meanwhile in 2.5k, the whole enemy team just died and all 4 of my teammates run to farm a single jungle camp together

  8. Bro Pls make video how to improve lost time in dota 2 according to gosu ai I play every game like ancient but I get legend cuz my lost time always get herald or guardian

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