ABC TV | How To Make Firecracker Plant Paper – Craft Tutorial

Firecracker commonly known as fountainbush, russelia equisetiformis, coral plant, coral fountain, coralblow and fountain plant, is a weeping subshrub in the Plantaginaceae family. The plant is native to Mexico and Guatemala. The name plant honors the Scottish naturalist Alexander Russell (1715-1768), given to the genus by the Dutch scientist Baron Nikolaus von Jacquin (1727-1817). The species name reference to this plants resemblance to horse tail rushes, and the Latin term equisetiformis means “like Equisetum.”

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Material for Flower Making:
– Color paper/cardstock paper 180gsm
– Green cardstock paper 120gsm.
– Scissors, tacky glue, floral wire, floral tape, scalloped pinking shears, electric wire or copper wire 0.03mm

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14 thoughts on “ABC TV | How To Make Firecracker Plant Paper – Craft Tutorial

  1. hola como esta ,hermosas siempre con sus espectaculares videos y sus manos tan creativas mi querido caballero mágico no me había sido posible verle ,pero siempre esta en mis pensamientos y mis oraciones, estado organizando un proyecto de trabajo mil bendiciones un abrazote con todo el cariño de siempre byebye

  2. Excellent flower can u please make hibiscus flower. Because we celebrate Ganapati festival and hibiscus is favourite of lord Ganesha.Thank u 😍

  3. Estan super lindas y muy bonitas¡¡¡¡ curiosas muchas felicitaciones d nuevo gracias por compartir tus habiliddes y arte que Dios lindo t dio bendiciones att esmeralda

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