ABC TV | How To Make Pine Cones Branch With Hole Punch (Slowly)- Craft Tutorial

When you think of flowers, you think of something colorful, lovely, delicate not a hard, brown, woody, grenade-shaped object with sharp sticky scales. So are pine cones technically flowers? No, actually they are not, which makes them the only official state flower that are not flowers at all.
Images of the Mayan God, Chicomecoatl (“7 Snakes”), depict the deity offering pine cones in one hand and an evergreen tree in the other. Images of Osiris, ancient Egyptian God of the dead, carrying a staff of two intertwining serpents rising up to meet a pine cone date back to 1224 BC. Dionysus, of Greek mythology, carried a staff (a “Thyrsus”) topped by a pine cone. Similarly, today, the Pope’s sacred papal staffs all feature a pine cone near the top. And just outside of St. Peter’s in Vatican City is the “The Court of the Pine Cone” where a huge (three story tall) bronze sculpture of a pine cone (“Pigna”) literally holds court.
Pine cones are the official Maine State Flower and symbol of enlightenment, fertility, third eye, eternal life

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Material for Flower Making:
– Color paper/cardstock paper 180gsm
– Green cardstock paper 80gsm.
– Hole punch (makes round 1/4″ holes)
– Scissors, tacky glue, floral wire, floral tape, nail dotting pen, water spray, tweezers.

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