Adjective Order in English – English Grammar Lesson

20 thoughts on “Adjective Order in English – English Grammar Lesson

  1. Here are my examples:
    1. She purchased a beige velour miniskirt for her beloved daughter yesterday.
    2. Mr. Geoff is a nice competent young Australian teacher at a foreign language centre in Ho Chi Minh city.
    3. My grandmother is a beautiful frugal thin old woman.
    4. Brett Young is a famous young American singer.
    5. My adopted father resides in a large terraced 30-year-old house at 23 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street.
    6. His girlfriend is a lovely high-spirited dark- haired Japanese girl.
    7.Jenny has just bought a cool new transparent phone case.
    8. I am really keen on watching old black-and-white Chinese films.
    9. My house has two small round red wooden tables and two big square brown plastic ones.
    10. My father craves for home-made decadent chocolate cakes.

  2. Thank you so much for this lesson, i really appreciate your channel which helps me a lot to improve my English skills, i'm so grateful to you.

  3. it is very helpful, it has helped me with my olympiads and examinations. I have shared it with my friends who have also appreciated the video. You are the best english teacher online. Pls do make more videos. Its my humble request you make a video on non-finite nouns. Thank you!!!!

  4. مرحبا
    أستمتع كثيرا بدروسك
    أريدك أن تعمل دروس في القواعد والنطق والكلمات

  5. why it is important ? i dont' think it is really compicated subject, but – why ? :> what had been genesis of this strange rule ? why need "opinion" before "fact" especially…. what mean "Green as specific idea and not a general idea"… :> what mean "Silk is a fact, but Green isn't fact"… :> "Silk" can be "opinion" too…

  6. Let me give an association. ODASCOM.
    Is this order correct?

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