Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Basic Editing for Beginners

38 thoughts on “Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Basic Editing for Beginners

  1. thank you bro,im slow learner but watching this video i can use premier as beginner,you explain this tutorial more understanding

  2. Hoping someone can help me out here. My daughter uses adobe premiere at school on mac and she needs to do work at home and I only have pc. Are the pc and mac versions compatible? The teacher needs to be able to open and edit on the school macs. Or is there a web based version she could work on from any browser that would work on mac?

  3. Great basics…. I wish had started with Premiere right away and not have to learn the whole thing now after years of crappy Sony Vegas Pro experience.

  4. super bro 👏👏👏
    Mobile promo video editing ,macking…
    very simple try it guys ..👍

  5. Nathan you said you would do more tutorials in the future on premier… where are theyyyyy 🙂 Its been two years) Ive just touched premier for the first time and thanks to you made the necessary basic edits i needed…. you are so good and clear at explaining, you should do some more 🙂

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