Best Budget Video Editing Laptop 2019 – ASUS VivoBook F510QA Review

16GB DDR4 RAM, QuadCore AMD Processor, SSD, FHD Panel…all for under $500! The Asus VivoBook is a beast of a machine for the price! If you’re in the market for an affordable video editing laptop then this video is for you!
ASUS VivoBook F510QA –
Same Laptop with dedicated GPU –
Same Laptop 512GB SSD –
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Toshiba 1TB External HDD –
SanDisk 1TB External SSD –
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32 thoughts on “Best Budget Video Editing Laptop 2019 – ASUS VivoBook F510QA Review

  1. Hey, uh I bought the laptop but the fan won’t stop running I even used liquid metal on the cpu, it’s running at 37c and the fans still won’t stop running. Help?

  2. Viktor a VERY VERY important question. the SSD in it, it's a SATA or PCIe and its M.2 or 2.5 inches? can it be upgraded ? is there a place for an upgrade or just replace the current SSD?

  3. Bet on the budget laptop but if your editing video you need a discrete graphics card for dealing with video… budget content creator laptop is gonna run you $700-800. This would be a great student laptop or business on a budget.

  4. Hi Victor! I recently bought this model, during my first editing I edit 20 mins. video, but I felt disappointed that it exported for almost 2 hours. Any tips how to make it faster? Thanks

  5. How this laptop is on gaming?? 8 would like to know more about this laptop, can you dou another video about this?

  6. I'm looking for a laptop for my 4k video editing, after effects work and general content creation. I have a budget of around £1500. What laptop and which configurations would you recommend? Thanks.

  7. did he just say that AMD processors are more for gaming and INTEL processors are more for “creative”!! it’s literally the exact opposite.
    INTEL has always been the leader for “gaming” processors and AMD has always been the leader for more creative work

  8. these r awesome budget man i should of got my cousin from vietnam ishe bought a mac wich was overprice why did i tell my mom this lol to buy her a mac book air lol

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