BTS (방탄소년단) ‘BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE’ Official Trailer (Tear ver.)

38 thoughts on “BTS (방탄소년단) ‘BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE’ Official Trailer (Tear ver.)

  1. They named this as Tear Version because it is really heart breaking to watch our boys performing even with their injuries and pains. I cried a lot while watching the movie.
    I Purple u BTS

  2. 💜 it's a fantastic movie 💜 I love it and I hope BTS knows we admire what they are doing to make your ARMY happy 🥰💛🧡❤

  3. I’m the type of fan that begs their mom to go to see Bring the soul until she says yes and no one shows up at the movie theater just for some dora

  4. Let not man, angels nor beast come between serving Our Heavenly Father and his commandments on these battle grounds between good and evil and Christ said even the ones who Pierce him will know his Vengeance

  5. Our Heavenly Father said he will Judge and he said it worldwide so every tongue could understand him and he called it Judgement Day

  6. I am the women born with a veil and 10 stars upon my head written in the Old Testament Revelation Chapters and the archangel Gabriel asked the devil for aide into stealing 7 stars from my head about his Muhammad of whom take side counsel from fallen angels of false gods between serving Our Heavenly Father and his commandments of his Covenant

  7. Im kinda sad right now. I couldn't go because i didin't have anyone i could go with and if i would go alone i think i would faster cry out of stress than the movie ,,, but i hope that everyone who went and saw the movie had fun and enjoyed it 💕

  8. How many armies are there..who have already watched the movie..but are still here to watch their beautiful faces again…
    yes: like
    no: what are you waiting for go and grab a ticket for Bring The Soul…Hurry Up

  9. i wanna watch that i might be the biggest or better called their craziest fan but…….i'm a Pakistani army and it might not get released here….can i watch it on youtube anybody if possible do reply!!!!!!!!

  10. guys this movie got me thinking we are a powerful fandom and we should encourage them to rest and take care of themselves more. it's doable. it's the sweetest thing how they want to make us happy above anything and that's exactly why we really need to take care of them somehow. i don't know how exactly but there are many of us, our voices count. just encouraging them to rest is a good start. they've worked so hard so many years, they need more time for themselves and i don't mean just these vacations i mean in general. of course they get good things along with sacrifice and i know they're following their dreams and making history which is the great part of it, the satisfying part, and we will support them at every chance we get but also they are capable of anything to make us happy and that's why we have to take care of them better. who's with me? 💜

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