Directed by and starring Seth Green, the film follows two estranged best friends on a life-changing adventure in Thailand. This epic trip reminds them that there’s no problem that friendship and a few rounds in a Muay Thai boxing ring can’t fix. Also starring Macaulay Culkin, Breckin Meyer (“Robot Chicken”), and Brenda Song (“Station 19”).


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5 thoughts on “Changeland

  1. Changeland
    I had no reason to think this at first although it all over the world. But when I saw in this movie Seth Green talk sadly as I knowest his sloped shoulders and his facial feathers of a female The I knew that Seth was born a female. I'm gotten very good at this over the last 2 years But I never jump to conclusions I transvestagate it if it passes then there transformers I call them. satan's Abominations, God doesn't make mistakes …People do. 👠

  2. This movie is visually breathtaking, pleases your ears with amazing choice of music for soundtrack but most importantly the whole cast does an INCREDIBLE job bringing wonderful, fun and sometimes quirky characters to life. Thailand’s natural beauty gives you so much joy and makes your eyes happy! Written and directed by Seth Green, Changeland has so much of his heart and soul in it- beautiful, kind and heartfelt movie. This wonderful story will show you the meaning of friendship, encourage you to find your own way to happiness and will take you away to lovely places. By the end of it you’ll be smiling big and feeling good inside. We are all a little bit Brandon, in one part of our lives or the other 💚

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