Cholesterol क्या है ? | LDL cholesterol | HDL cholesterol क्या होता है ? | Normal cholesterol levels

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In this video I am sharing information about, cholesterol, what is cholesterol?,What is LDL cholesterol?,What is HDL cholesterol?,What is Trigylcerides? And how it affects to our body as well as I am sharing Normal cholesterol levels, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol, Triglycerides, and ratio.

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9 thoughts on “Cholesterol क्या है ? | LDL cholesterol | HDL cholesterol क्या होता है ? | Normal cholesterol levels

  1. Hi mam meri age 27years hai aur height 54.5 cm aur weight 54kg hai.. Par mam mera cholesterol level bahut bahut bahut zyada hai use mai kya karun plz bataiye.. Aur mai sugar items aur non veg bhi zyada nahi khati Hun mam.. Ye dekhi ye meri reports..

    Total cholesterol 274
    Hdl cholesterol direct 26
    Ldl cholesterol direct 162
    TRG 602
    Tc/hdl cholesterol ratio10.6
    Vldl cholesterol 120.37
    Non hdl cholesterol 247.7
    Mam ab mai uske liye kya karun Plz bataiye.. Weight bhi ideal body weight hai.. Plzz par mujhe prolactin 200hai.. Aur pcod bhi

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