Cultural Appropriation in KPOP: Thoughts from a Korean dude

(G)I-dle’s ‘ethnic hip’ performance caught some fire on Twitter, and debates about cultural appropriation rose. This is my lecture regarding my revelations of cultural appropriation, and pc culture as a Korean.

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21 thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation in KPOP: Thoughts from a Korean dude

  1. I'm glad i watched this… ✨💜😊
    It's really inspiring and I learned alot through this 19:44 video… I hope you speak on bigger platforms one day and change the narrow mindsets of many people around the world.. Love from Nagaland (India) to DKDKTV News.

  2. I knew it. I knew I've been subscribing to one of the best people on Earth who can both entertain, inform, educate and share wisdom with me. Thanks for that "Ted Talk"-ish speech Danny! I hope you'll do something like this on your channel as often as possible.

  3. To all the SJWs:
    Yall better not dress up as elves or santa clauses or use the hat, Santa Claus is originally from finnish culture so by doing that u r using someone elses culture!!!!
    ((Please keep in mind im just mocking how SJWs view things))

  4. I haven’t watched far into the video yet, but coming from a Native American, what soyeon did doesn’t bother me. To me, parts of cultures can be shared as long as no one does it in a way to make fun of others or to say that culture is inferior. I don’t think what soyeon did was offensive at all. Just my opinion on that small clip, not having anything to do with the rest of the video (bc in all honesty I didn’t finish it yet)

  5. This is amazing Danny! Thank you for having the courage to put yourself out there and speak the truth. I agree with your point where people don't need to be "canceled" or anything, they just need education. This should also be done in the U.S. about Korean culture!

  6. Nobody understood what Soyeon from (G)I-DLE was talking about and barely anyone knew the instrument Soyeon was talking about either and then they immediately call it “Cultural Appropriation”

    Like some said, “Cultural appropriation is destroying Cultural Appreciation”

    When Soyeon started talking about an African chief most people were saying, “What is An African chief ugh Soyeon is just making up words ugh Soyeon is ignorant.” I was surprised Soyeon knew what an African chief was and she even knew that there were two meanings for it. One for a king and one for the police.

    And it has come to my conclusion that the reason people are calling what Soyeon did is cultural appropriation is because she is educated. She’s a young korean female that is well educated on our cultures and they hate on her for that.

  7. Honestly cultural appropriation is so fucking stupid to be honest. What people don’t realize is that it’s bringing people apart that’s why we’re failing the human race. And for Korean people you shouldn’t stereotype all korean people as ignorant because there are actually many Koreans that are well educated on different cultures.

    I mean can’t I eat food that comes from your culture and can’t you eat food that comes from mine, can’t I speak you language and you can speak mine, can’t I wear fashion that comes from your culture and you can wear mine?

    We’re failing our world and it’s also with this cultural appropriation shit. If I saw a white woman singing gospel music you think I would go up to her and say “Shut up! Your not black stop singing music from our culture” or if a white woman was wearing braids you think I would go up to her and say, “Take off those braids! You are mocking black people!” Just because a person is a different color than me or comes from another culture doesn’t mean I have to tell them what they should and should not do. And I actually learned that the first people who wore braids were not blacks, it was actually Native Americans.

    Cultural appropriation is dividing each and every single one of us and sooner or later there is going to be someone telling me to go back to my country.

  8. Because Asians aren't looking to virtue signal our social status like pathethic white SJWs

    "Cultural appropriation" is a retarded label we just actually don't fucking care

  9. I love this! The only thing I don't agree with is the dreadlock thing because other asian ethnicities have dreadlocks too. Also some European countries had dreadlocked hair.

  10. I loved this lecture and it actually got me emotional…I've always seen korean people as a little close minded and the fact that you encapsulated the idea of cultural appropriation beautifully and made Koreans think in a similar way we do made me feel at ease. Thank you so much, till a world where we can understand each other ❤️

  11. I'm so glad i watched till the end, I was getting a bit heated half way through, but then realized where this was going. This was such a good speach, i even teared up. I'm really proud of you, Danny

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