DCS 2.5.5: Tomcat Additions (including campaign), Hornet Targeting Pod, Harrier Slave Bug Fix

DCS Open Beta was updated to on 31 July 2019.

You can read the changelog here:

Some items I really enjoyed in this patch:

The Tomcat has integrated a user-made campaign by user Kaba. I also think it’s very cool the AI wingmen will now match your wing sweep configuration when you’re getting ready to land and have your hook out.

Of course it goes without saying the targeting pod was something I wanted in the Hornet for a long time. I’m glad it is here and I don’t need to manually punch in coordinates for JDAMs anymore!

The Harrier’s ability to slave to things like a target waypoint is very handy to quickly pick up targets in a pre-known location.

Razbam was quick to fix the two bugs from last open beta regarding the keyboard input lockout and visor bug when selecting the Magic missile by hotas.

While I haven’t flown the F-5E in quite a while, I did hear about the yaw stability issues so I’m sure if you’re a F-5E pilot you’re going to be happy seeing that fixed.

Not in this video are the WWII axis aircraft updates, Viggen (which received a CCIP fix), and the numerous C-101 updates from AvioDev. I don’t own these aircraft but hopefully next sale period I’ll have enough funds to buy more aircraft and make these update videos more complete.

As always, thank you so much for watching and supporting the channel by sharing it with your friends and networks. You guys are great!

source: https://dragonquest-10.com/

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