Delta One – North America’s Best Business Class!

The North American legacy airlines have never had the best reputation. However, over the last few years all have them have upped their game – especially in international business class. I’ve flown all the others but never Detla – until now. And it turns out I left the best till last. This Delta One experience was brilliant!

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So this Delta One flight review covers the entire Delta One Business Class experience from check in at Detroit Airport through to the Lounge, boarding, take off and the wonderful Delta inflight service. I also cover all the features of Delta’s pod style suites – each with their own door which can be closed for total privacy.

Join me and we’ll experience it together.

Route: Detroit (DTW) to Amsterdam (AMS)
Length: 3,934 miles, 6:58 hrs
Flight: DL132 Seat 7A
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 registration N508DN (Jan 2018)
When: 15 July 2019

Camera: Panasonic HC-VX1

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48 thoughts on “Delta One – North America’s Best Business Class!

  1. Ive flown this product from Los Angeles to Sydney and I have to say I was completely underwhelmed both times, glad you had a better ride, I just don't think American carriers are in the same league as Asian and MEA carriers.

  2. Great video…funny to see a lot of ‘dutch’ in the video/ in the in flight system and in the menu 🙂 .. Greetings/ groeten uit Rotterdam, the netherlands. Ps) Do you have a job opening 😉 😉

  3. talking about North American Carriers Dennis, when are you going to try out Westjet new 787 business class, seeing that you tried Westjet to Vegas, should see what their new Dreamliner is like. Delta One similar to Qatar Q suite, love the sliding door and privacy you get.

  4. Hard product was great on my last flight. The service was utter garbage compared to EU, Asian and Oceania liners. They gave my seat to another passenger and made excuses as to why. Told me it was damaged only to see someone sitting on my seat which I paid for. It was also functioning just fine according to the passenger who was now sitting there. The attendants were basically attending to the 3 diamond members in our cabin and basically ignored everyone else. It was blatantly obvious. I guess that's Merican service for ya! I'll be filing a complaint and sadly I have another flight already booked heading to Japan. Maybe I'll switch to JAL or ANA for a solid experience

  5. Hi Dennis. Long time viewer, first time commentor. Just wondering if you deliberated long over the decision not to include “Cougar” when you referenced John Mellencamp. Cheers.

  6. I was disappointed that there were no ear plugs in the amenity kit. Next time, try the Sunrise – their signature cocktail! It was delicious with the hot nuts!

  7. Dear Dennis, when landing on 18R (Polderbaan) 95% of the aircraft taxi (including the 18C-36C detour) between 15-19 minutes. Excellent report btw.

  8. Thanks for the review Dennis. I am a Delta Gold Medallion member and so far I am pleased with Delta services and their lounges when I travel. I have not experienced yet the A350 and hope to do so later when I return to Europe for a trip.

  9. Perhaps you could also add a price indicator not necessarily specific say competitive, mid range to pricey etc. A bit of lounge analysis and tips. I once had a American interpretation of the continental breakfast in an Anaheim Calif. motel near Disneyland it was a thimble of pump coffee and a semi-stale doughnut….I think the Parisians do it better with a Hot Chocolate and a Fresh Buttery (so buttery) croissant even at the dive of a hotel where the floor was on a 20 degree slant. 🤤

  10. How do these people get all these what I assume to be free trips?
    All you have to do is to say, "I'm reviewing for YouTube?"
    Maybe I should attempt this sometime.
    Now here, this fella actually has a company. He's obviously legit.

  11. Friends, please view and subscribe my new channel that I have started couple of weeks back. I would bring in more interesting content in coming days.

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