Everything Goes Wrong In The Marvel Universe! (Marvel Ruins)

39 thoughts on “Everything Goes Wrong In The Marvel Universe! (Marvel Ruins)

  1. Ruben's is probably one of the most stupid comic books I've ever read is so dumbthe idea of marvel in real life is actually pretty cool but they just make it so dark to the point it's not even entertaining anymore

  2. What was the name of the Marvel comic that everything went great in. I thought it was Marvels M.A.R.V.E.L. like Rob said yet I couldn't find it

  3. Lol throughout the whole story, I was wondering “what happened to Spider-Man?”. Until I saw the part about what happened to him, I was like “oh naw”

  4. Storm lock in a coffin unable to get out . black wimdow is caught and have spiders eat her from the inside. Ant man cant stop growing and splits in half. Sentry go full void and blows up a big city. Jubille x men go full nuclear . blade gives in to his vampire urges. Odin ls so full of hate he kill all asgardins and dont stop and moves to the next planets. The blob slowly melts away like a blob. Rorque kills gambit because she cant control her memories. Red hulk burns away little at a time and if anyone get close to red hulk they get tumor popping cancer. Thanos try to do his snap and his insides rips from his body.

  5. God this one was sooooo cringy haha it really got me when he was trying not to laugh after saying it wasn’t funny the twisted horrible origins lol

  6. From all the comments i’ve read saying this is way darker than Flashpoint. I’d disagree

    You can’t really compare the two, in flashpoint it’s at a massive scale, war between wonderwoman and aquaman, supermans pod destroying metropolis, the whole world being destroyed

    Marvel ruins is a lot more personally depressing, full of mundane miseries, radiation causing cancer and deformities instead of powers, people forced to work in the sex industry, just straight up insanity. Marvel ruins is the harder read, but that’s because of the personal nature of the whole thing

  7. Drug dealer: Hey Sheldon, you,ve been stressed at work lately. Try this new cigarette, it'll calm you down. It's totally safe.
    Sheldon: Ok, thanks. I'm righting another article for the bugle tonight, nothing too fancy or dangerous.
    That night after Sheldon had a smoke:

  8. So after scrolling down quite a bit, evidently I have to be the one to point out that Rick was playing a harmonica, dipshit.

  9. Meanwhile the Watcher is just watching all this with an endless supply of snacks. There are many watchers through the multiverse, but this is the one the others dont want to be away, because hes the one that always want to show them some messed up stuff.

  10. Here's how'd I'd ruin some avengers

    Steve Rogers takes the super solider serum but dies (maybe a overdose)

    Bruce Banner was vaporized by that gamma radiation

    Iron Man's suit failed to function correctly and either crush him to death or something else like explode

    Thor dies from being crushed by a frost giant or something

    Black widow killed on a shield mission

  11. I think stories like this hold no purpose. They're not fun to read, they're not enjoyable. They're just walks down depressing roads of destruction that happen for no reason. If I wanted that, I'd close the book and walk outside.

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