Excel for Android tablet: Getting started

35 thoughts on “Excel for Android tablet: Getting started

  1. How do you underline? You placed underlining in this table but didn't bother to show this. As again, here's Microsoft doing thing half-arsed.

  2. Some why using =IF(A1=61:100;"Passed";IF(A1=46:60;"Almost Passed";IF(A1=0:45;"Didn't Pass"))) is complicated kept on showing something else, I can't proceed

  3. Is there a formula for for filling a column with the next sequential item. Ie input a day like Monday in A2 but then input a formula into a3 and drag the cell to fill the rest of the column with the following days of the week?

  4. Thanks. So simple and informative. Been using Excel for eons, but on my Galaxy Tab A, which is new, just tiny things niggled at me, spoiling my experience.

  5. Ugh, it takes a lot of time to make a correct table. Lot of things should be made automatically. But they aren't.

  6. Excel has this weird bug that's annoying as hell when you wrote a number or a word wrong and you press backspace to get to it and delete the error but then when you start typing again it adds the first number / letter at the beginning. How do I stop this? It's getting really tedious

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