Explaining why I REFUSED to play Minecraft – LWIAY #0085

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43 thoughts on “Explaining why I REFUSED to play Minecraft – LWIAY #0085

  1. Nothing is more starting than watching this and hearing the Tiber simulator commercial in Swedish and legitimately thinking you may be having a stroke….

    I’ve never heard Swedish before.

  2. 6:00 basically pewds rescued a lot of those channels because when he started … EVERYONE STARTED! And low channels got thousands of viewers and subs all of a sudden.
    On the other hand he … kinda is responsible for them doing stuff he'd hate to do. Playing this game just because everyone else did. Dunno if this is a bad thing … i think not.

    Well. One thing is sure, people actually having fun in minecraft, if it is a trend or not isn't that important here.
    And on the social side its interesting to see that one of the most authentic persons on youtube actually can have a lot of fun and have like the most range of influence there is in the digital world.
    Idk if this gives me hope for humanity.

  3. It's wierd to think that there are more people subbed to pewdiepie than people in italy (i'm italian). And that his videos have an avradge of four or more times the population than our biggest cities… The power of brofist 😀

  4. 4:24 Why is the picture upside down?

    Also, someone should calculate the total amount of damage that sven has recieved in the series so far!

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