Going Shopping in English – Spoken English for Travel

In this lesson, you can learn useful language for going shopping in English.
You’ll see how to ask for things you want, how to talk about prices and discounts, how to arrange delivery, and how to take something back to a shop. Have you ever had a problem with something
you bought in a shop? Practice the phrases from this lesson and let us know in the comments!

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1. Asking for What You Want 0:55
2. Talking About Prices and Discounts 3:43
3. Arranging Deliveries 7:50
4. Refunds and Exchanges 10:43

This lesson will help you:
– Learn useful questions and phrases to ask for what you want when you’re going shopping in English.
– Understand how you can talk about prices and discounts when you’re shopping in English.
– Get new vocabulary to communicate in English to arrange a delivery when shopping in English.
– Talk about getting a refund or exchange from a vendor when shopping in English.
– Practice conversational vocabulary and phrases to prepare your spoken English for travel.

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41 thoughts on “Going Shopping in English – Spoken English for Travel

  1. Test your understanding of the vocabulary and ideas you saw in this lesson with our quiz here: https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/going-shopping-in-english.

  2. Once I tried on some different clothes in the shop but I still couldn’t find what suited for me,and the seller seemed unhappy with that.That’s really embarrassing.

  3. Well, i always enjoy shopping as it rejuvenate me and I get new clothes. I, sometime feel bad, when I loose appearls due to size mis match. I vividly remember that one day when i experienced the same. It was 3 days ago when I likes a lee trouser for myself and I am so glad at that moment since I have selected it by neglecting 10-15 trouser. However, the situation became odd when salesman told that he did not have my size for the same. It was a nightmare for me

  4. Something I dislike when I go shopping is; when seller has agreed to sell something to me for a certain price then he/she denies to deliver it to me just because it appears to be cheaper than he/she expected.
    This had happened to me one day, I wanted to buy a tv but unfortunately that seller was out of stock for that moment, he called someone else if he had one of the model I asked him. Fortunately there were two sizes of the same model I wanted, he gave me the price for both, but what he made me angry was when he came with the products he wanted me to take the small one with the same price that I had granted him for the bigger one since he found out that the price was a bit cheaper than they got used of selling that product.

    Thank you for your videos, they surely help many of English learners.

  5. Oxford online english may I find a reliable native english speaking partner that would be helpful for speaking practice.

  6. Yes , i did have a problem. I went to the local penny (it's a small shop) to buy some sugar and lemon juice , but i did not find them anywhere. i asked a worker but this didn't help 'cause the shop was that bad. And whenever i go to this shop i always face this problem again. So now i don't like to shop in penny.

  7. Once i bought a cardigon online and it wasn't like it's picture at all. Although I bought ot very expensive they didn't give me a refund so i decided never buy clothes online. To be honest I'm not sure if i stick to it.😆

  8. What i like most about shopping is finding the exact thing you've bern looking for and what i dislike most is feeling tired afterwards.

  9. Thanks you guys.I love this video very much.As a girl,I don't like going shopping.It lets me feel very tired.Instead of shopping in the mall,I prefer to shop online. But shopping online will take a lot of time to choose what you want.Maybe the one you bought doesn't fit you.

  10. Plz I want to know proper meaning and of tense which we use in( present tense) so what is ment by tense…and …its origin……….

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