Gradius (Nemesis) Enhanced Version Review for the MSX by John Gage

Gradius (Nemesis) Enhanced Version is a good version to play. Yes it’s an hard game but this seems a bit easier than the original on the MSX. This was a game request by Haribo Barrett. Warning! This video has swearing.


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8 thoughts on “Gradius (Nemesis) Enhanced Version Review for the MSX by John Gage

  1. This versions is for MSX2 and up only, but you miss to introduce a second SCC cartridge in slot 2 to hear the voices, yes, there are digitalized voices in the enhanced version but you need to add this second SCC cartridge to hear them. And one more feature, if you play with MSX2+ or MSX Turbo R the corners are smothed too.
    The IPS patch and some other nice info is available in the forum:

    I've captured the next video some days ago and in my MSX Turbo R so I decided to update my channel with this version, you can hear the voices, notice the smooth scroll with hidden corners and the game running at 60fps as was originally designed.

  2. As you can see the MSX standard has many possibilities, and if you keep going you'll see that MSX is quite awesome…

  3. I'm missing the voice-sets in your video. Just have a look (and play) here:

    You can play the game in your browswer on that site and also hear all the correct sounds & voicesets.

  4. Its cheating a bit, cause those improvements only work on MSX2 or 2+ i guess, the colors are also redefined, which is only possible at the TMS9938 and 9958. But it looks cool any way.

  5. The MSX was such a huge lost opportunity – with games like this, it could have been a major hit on par with the Commodore 64.

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