“Hard to Hide” by Presley Lawson (BMI)

“Hard to Hide” is the first song I’ve written solo check it out and wait for the ending, I’m an aspiring 18 year old musician from Central Florida. I’ve played music and sang my entire life, and am finally pursuing it for the first time now, and I’m hoping to bring you along with me on my journey. You can find more information about me, the music I cover, and performance dates on my website listed in the link section below.

Thanks for watching my first original song, “Hard to Hide”. This song was written through the inspiration of my boyfriend. It incorporates the various aspects of our relationship including words and phrases we use in everyday conversation. “Hard to Hide” was fully inspired by the overwhelmingly joyous emotions we get when we talk to each other, that produces a “Warm and Fuzzy” feeling.


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I hope you stick with me as I continue to learn more about music, meet new people, and grow as an artist.


Kindness Over Everything.

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7 thoughts on ““Hard to Hide” by Presley Lawson (BMI)

  1. One of the highlights of 2019 on Banks Radio Australia, a beautiful piece of music, invigorating and hypnotically splendid.

  2. Sup Presley!!! It's so cool that you've started a Youtube channel! You're becoming more and more famous by the minute!

  3. Bravo! What a beautiful song, Presley! The chorus has been playing in my head since I watched it, which is the benchmark of any great song. Congrats!

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