Hisense U7B 4K LED LCD TV Review | The Cheapest Dolby Vision TV?

The Hisense U7B is the latest edge-lit 2019 LCD TV from the Chinese manufacturer that is available in 50-, 55-, and 65-inch screen sizes. With the addition of Dolby Vision HDR at a much lower price point, is it enough progress from Hisense in the mid-market level?

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22 thoughts on “Hisense U7B 4K LED LCD TV Review | The Cheapest Dolby Vision TV?

  1. Sections
    00:03 – Intro
    00:34 – What is the Hisense U7B?
    01:45 – Design, Connections and Control
    03:46 – Out of the Box Measurements
    06:18 – Calibrated Measurements
    07:50 – HDR Results
    09:47 – Hisense U7B Performance
    14:41 – Smart TV and Menus
    15:39 – Verdict

  2. I congratulate on the detail review, but I think you forgot one very important aspect for our generation when it comes to buying decision – GAMING. Is this TV any good for gaming since I will be using it 50% of the time for that purpose as many, many 30 to 50 year olds who grew up playing video games. Many people don't care about color accuracy if the lag is horrible and ghosting is present. In order to get the most out of fast-paced games, one usually disables all picture processing in order to get the least amount of input lag possible. I think its a must-have item in your reviews. So, is this TV any good for gaming? Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the test. What are the differences betrwesen this U7B and U8B ? The U8B is more expensive but does it worth the price ?

  4. on the official site it says that this tv is HDR10+ compatible. Is it true?

    This tv is better than samsung RU7100 and RU7400?

  5. Which one should I buy the Samsung 55RU7100 or the Hisense H50U7BUK?
    Is the Dolby vison better reason to buy he hisense tv over the samsung HDR10+?

  6. This or the H55B7500UK?
    I'm looking at one of these two tv's. They just look so much better than the rest at this price point.

    I wondered which had the better black levels? I know the U7B has local dimming but apparently only 16 zones so not sure how useful that would be?

    Me and the wife love watching horror movies so it's a deal breaker if the black levels are rubbish. Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated.

  7. Hi phil I've just bought this TV and watched your review at 7.50min you show picture mode with hdr settings but not showing up on my 50" tried to find it with my amazon fire 4k box but no sign of finding that picture mode how did you pull it up thanks

  8. I paid 600pounds for mine and I can honestly say it's the best TV I've ever owned, The picture quality is exceptional and the sound is crystal clear, I have the 55inch model which is perfect for me.

  9. Did he just said 599£=$730!!! For that amount you can get the H9F for $700 and its 100×better than that crap!! Hisense is robbing y'all in Europe and BK!!😣😣😣😣

  10. Thanks for this review, Phil!
    Really looking forward for your review on the U8B with seems to be the actual successor to the U7A.

  11. Don't buy into Hisense 's b.s. They disabled HDR support October 2018 on my 65" H8C tv's YouTube app . It was the only way I had to watch YT HDR content . They replaced the motherboard (2nd time) thinking it would fix their firmware update snafu (it didn't) . I can flash the tv with the older firmware and get HDR back , but the auto update kicks in . There's no way to turn it off . I thought the tv had a 3 yr warranty , but its only one . After they hear its over a year , they don't want to help …

  12. Thanks for this I've got this tv but wondering weather it is worth upgrading to the h55u8buk as the 1000 nits and 120htz panel seems more appealing but are these figures actually what they say they are or just a marketing lie. I bought H50U7BUK for £389 but is it worth upgrading to the £750 h55u8buk?

  13. But, IMPORTANT questions that remains for me… If Phill checks the "Cinema-Night" viewing mode,.. : That is stated as the most accurate mode !! What does it tell me about the standard mode ??
    Because I will NEVER watch a tv in cinema-mode.. And more than never, not in "Cinema-night" mode !! Will the standard be completely off.. And will that be more for me. I also want realistic faces.. and greens. But not a dull faded image !

  14. Conclusions, Every tv has to be on right colour… The lower priced because you will not pay for getting it callibrated… But expensive tv's should not need to be calibrated because,.. you allready payed for an expensive tv !!!!! So, yes,.. checking the colour directly out of the closed box is one of the most important part of reviewing a tv … ! An expensive tv, should never have to be calibrated !!

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