How to age-restrict your videos that are not appropriate for all audiences on YouTube

As a video uploader, you can age-restrict any of your own videos that may not be appropriate for all audiences. When a video is age-restricted, viewers must be logged in and 18 years of age or older to view it. These videos are not shown in certain sections of YouTube. Also, age-restricted videos will not show ads by default and cannot be monetised. When deciding whether to age restrict content, you should consider issues such as violence, disturbing imagery, nudity, sexually suggestive content and portrayal of dangerous or illegal activities. See our help centre article on age-restrictions for more information.

Videos that have been proactively age-restricted by the uploader are still subject to YouTube’s Community Guidelines. If YouTube determines that a video should be age-restricted, a permanent age restriction will be applied, whether or not the video was restricted by the uploader.

Learn more about age-restriction on YouTube:


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