How to age-restrict your videos that are not appropriate for all audiences on YouTube

As a video uploader, you can age-restrict any of your own videos that may not be appropriate for all audiences. When a video is age-restricted, viewers must be logged in and 18 years of age or older to view it. These videos are not shown in certain sections of YouTube. Also, age-restricted videos will not show ads by default and cannot be monetised. When deciding whether to age restrict content, you should consider issues such as violence, disturbing imagery, nudity, sexually suggestive content and portrayal of dangerous or illegal activities. See our help centre article on age-restrictions for more information.

Videos that have been proactively age-restricted by the uploader are still subject to YouTube’s Community Guidelines. If YouTube determines that a video should be age-restricted, a permanent age restriction will be applied, whether or not the video was restricted by the uploader.

Learn more about age-restriction on YouTube:


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47 thoughts on “How to age-restrict your videos that are not appropriate for all audiences on YouTube

  1. Hi, i was demonetized for Reused content(3Months), i have been working hard to change my content and i am doing videos with original commentary now and creative editing. I believe my new content fits with all youtube policies, could you forward it to review team?

  2. Can I age-restrict all my videos and comply with COPPA? I just want to comply with COPPA, and none of my videos are intended for children, and I don't care about monetization.

  3. Could you please tell us how we can petition YouTube for an extra option in Advanced Settings for " Family Viewing under Parental Guidance"

  4. اهلاً يوتيوب انا بنت من العراق انا عمري 19 سنة و لقد سمعت انو هناك قانون اسمه يوتيوب اطفال ف انا محتواي للكبار +18 ارجوكم انا لا تدخلوني يوتيوب اطفال لان انا
    لا اريد الاطفال ان يروا هاذه المقاطع المنحرفة إلى اللقاء

  5. If a video is labeled as "18+ only", does that mean that that it complies with COPPA automatically, since they do not run ads and/or you have to both be logged in to YouTube AND have your age as 18+?

  6. Sage ich es mal auf deutsch seit eben gerade wo ich die youtube app geöffnet habe und ein video anklicken wollte wurde mir gesagt das ich einen altersnachweis bräuchte, weil dieser inhalt nicht für kinder geeignet ist. Es war zwar ein Video für personen ab null aber es könnte ja sein das kch noch unter null jahre bin d.h ich muss mich dort über mein nicht vorhandenes smartphone anmelden sonst geht es nicht. Vielleicht könnt ihr mir weiterhelfen @YouTube vielen dank

  7. I know it's for good but… can't someone make a YouTubeKidz or something so we the Youtubers, Gachatubers, Gamers and more… could still have our own channel and vids

  8. Team YouTube: I have some questions regarding COPPA. I am not asking for me, but I want to tell other people the answers if they ask

    What classifies as a cartoony voice? It says that might be considered for kids.

    Is there a way to rank the audience neutral?

    Sometimes the bots do a bad job at detecting kids videos. Not trying to throw people under the bus but an example is Chadtronic who sometimes swears in his vids, but 96 of his 200 vids are marked for kids. If this happens, what are kids going to see?

    YouTube Kids was meant for kids. Why not let kids use that instead of possibly harming innocent creators?

  9. Please ask YouTube to review the channel NTN Vlog. Recently, many offensive videos have been able to affect children

  10. No point we are getting all going down including my bois

    Maine sagee tw they gone they were what inspired to play roblox and how i became a gamer youtube go die man. 🙁

  11. okay if we age restrict adults could watch adult stuff…What about Jack he is putting nicer content i understand youtubes mind is like "uuuuuh LETS AGE RESTRICT" WHAT ABOUT THE TEEENS!!!! aka the idea is stupid in every way stop it….I wont be able to watch my fave youtubers any more if this happens i swear if u do it your…apps ratings will suck

  12. So…if i make a video about say…Battlefield…(violence…right ?!) and age restrict it… ill never get anything from it even if i get 100000 views on it? even if the audience was 18+ ? So do youtube for 5 yo or not at all ?

  13. Y’all are literally about to wipe 90% of the creators on this website away with the new terms. Does this even matter at this point?

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