How to Remove forgotten Excel Password (Full Tutorial) 2019

34 thoughts on “How to Remove forgotten Excel Password (Full Tutorial) 2019

  1. Hay there? Can your methode be solve if excel 2007 After i rename extention with zip shown data has 6 strong proctection?

  2. Using Windows 10 I had to save the sheet 1 file in a different folder and copy and replace it back in. I also had to copy all the files into a different folder to create the zip file to allow it to be converted back to excel. Apart from that it worked exactly as shown here, great video and my file now works brilliantly again.

  3. I watched many videos including yours but my file doesn't open even though I followed all the instructions. Can you please help me? Thanks

  4. I'm unable to extract the file it shows the error that the archive is either in unknown format or damaged & No archive found. Plz help me it's a very important data for me.

  5. I follow your step change to zip, however No xl file, what i see is "[6]DataSpaces”, “EncryptedPackage” and “EncryptionInfo”.

    Can u help?

  6. I shadowed you as much as possible through the process using Windows 10. I don't think I even have WinZip, but was still able to open the sheets in WordPad and delete the passwords. This was a great help. Thank you!

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