INJUSTICE 2 Both Endings (Good Ending/Bad Ending) – Batman vs Superman SIDE ENDINGS

42 thoughts on “INJUSTICE 2 Both Endings (Good Ending/Bad Ending) – Batman vs Superman SIDE ENDINGS

  1. Couldn't green lantern just summon kryptonite from his ring and defeat(or maybe kill) superman?🤔🤔🤔🤔
    And how did the flash not dodge Diana's hit?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Batman can just call his kryptonite suit with his device thingy.(call alfred)
    Or is he dead?
    Why are they still fighting
    Shouldn't they be worried about the ship falling
    Why did batman's plane bring his rivals to the sky even though they're in space?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Superman and green lantern just fought at night and when superman did his move and brought him to the sky it just turned to daylight🤔🤔🤔🤔
    How is batman not affected by gravity?🤔🤔🤔
    So supergirl just got defeated by superman and then you can see them flying away 13:38
    And then when batman defeated wonder woman, supergirls back down again🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    This is common sense

  2. I loved the other one though. Superman's is awesome and i agree with him killing the worst criminals,people who don't regret their crimes. Like ra's al ghul taught to Bruce wayne, the criminals take advantage on the soft justice and the tolerance. Mot to mention the rich always get away no matter how evil they are. So to me people like that should die. Not all the criminals. Some of them were forced to it or had no choice or may even regret it. Others should die. Fear is not the best way but if a little fear was necessary to restore true justice amd order, it would be whort it. There is so much scum in this world that does not deserve to live
    The truth is we're dommed. If mankind doesn't destroy itself with polucion the crime will. Mankind is doomed. Judge if you think im wrong. But deep down, you know im right and some people should die, the rich should not get away with everything they do because of their money, they should pay.
    Humanity is at the brink of collapse and some may refuse to see it but desp down we know judgement day is coming. Our specie never was about perfection. It was about, justice, live the moment, share, take care of what we have, save the planet, not destroy it. And those politicians like trump deny that the global warming is real?! Go to hell if there is such thing. But there must be. Because this world is to unfair and people should at least pay in another life, but preferably in this one. Think about. Some times a fire in a forest is necessary to eliminate the bad parts and restore peace and healthiness…
    God, i don't recognize this world anymore, robberys hate and envy have turned men into each other. It's not impossible to change but i admit. I have lost probably all my hope. There is still a tiny tiny part alive but i suspect not for long….

  3. Batman: That night when Louis was pregnant

    Superman: you knew even before I said anything

    Batman: I am the father

    Superman: 20:01

  4. No matter how many times I play through the story of Injustice 2, I will always choose Team Batman than Team Superman.

  5. I just cant imagine Superman being the bad guy even if Lois got murdered. Batman is much more likely to be the bad guy, which is why these games never sat right with me.

  6. It's funny how the video game storyline is better than the real movie story line. They need to have the people who create the video game make the next DC movie. The script is way better

  7. 12:47
    Supergirl: “Kal, Stop! These are your friends!”
    Superman: “My friends should be helping me instead of getting in my way.”

  8. Honestly I blame Wonder Woman for making Superman a villain. The bitch just wanted a war. She put ideas in Clark’s mind and words in his mouth. She’s at fault for all of this.

  9. It's almost crazy to believe that Injustice 2 is tree mirror image of Mortal Kombat.

    Batman is Liu Kang.
    It's just disgusting to see Superman become Shao Khan

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