Intergraph TD-3 Pentium 100 MHz review – RETRO Hardware

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27 thoughts on “Intergraph TD-3 Pentium 100 MHz review – RETRO Hardware

  1. Im supprised that they had a bios with interface like click bios we have today
    Was that a click bios too then im impressed

  2. I had a similar version of this machine in about 2001. Ebay purchased, for about $50. It had the second CPU socket installed, but not populated. The CPU was a P133 engineering sample. I installed two socket 5 compatible Pentium 200 (non-MMX) and it absolutely flew with Windows NT4 and later, 2000. It also had an interesting keyboard with speakers in it. Built like a tank and very heavy. Alas, I sent it to recycling when I moved, as it was big and bulky and the boss lady was getting tired of my computer hoarding.

  3. 11:05 I still use paint shop pro 5. Bought it brand new and still have the disc. Amazing software and runs perfect even on windows 10.

  4. Oh my God. Why are you doing this? I missed the Intergraph td-310 a month ago and I cannot forgive myself for that.
    Such nice lookin machine.

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