Kefir: Achieving global success on Google Play

Kefir is a Russian game developer, known for games like Russian Prison, Metro 2033, Eastern Front and Last Day on Earth. In Last Day on Earth, they focussed on removing normal mobile boundaries for the survival game genre. Through utilizing Android Vitals, open and closed betas and the YouTube gaming community, Kefir have helped set a new standard for the mobile survival game experience and been able to take their game to a global audience.

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24 thoughts on “Kefir: Achieving global success on Google Play

  1. Keep up the great work Kefir I've been playing Last Day since it debut can't wait to see what you have in store for the future

  2. By Far the best game on Google Play. However expansion is needed for the exponential growth – many people dont exactly know the destination with this game which is good and bad. i wish there was more offering in pvp, leader boards, variety in zones – weather – difficulty – time off day – a storyline or weekly quest – much of the time players grow bored off the constant same day to day routine. however the future with this game looks promising some will beg to differ. i hope kefir roll out some decent expansions within the game to help maintain peoples enjoyment. great work kefir. love the game Elite-Raider#7375

  3. Last Day on Earth Damn Good Game 👌
    I Like it 😊
    As Developer They have Done Damn Good Job
    I know , Because I am Studying Computer Engineering

  4. Good job Kefir!
    Last day on earth is the best in terms of playability. Day R is the best in terms of ambiance and the story. I would love to see a fusion of these two games! It would be the best game in this genre!

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