Le Tour De France 2019 PS4 | Astana #3 – GOING SOLO! (Binche – Épernay English Gameplay EP 3)

Welcome to Binche – Épernay, episode 3, part 3 and stage 3, of this Le Tour De France 2019 PS4 game English gameplay series.

In this series I will be doing a TDF 2019 walkthrough/playthrough with Astana, of the Tour De France 2019 game. I can also do a review of the game if you want.

It’s a bit like Pro cycling manager, but in this game, you are controlling the riders. In this series, I will not play the full stage of any stages. I will fast forward some parts of the stages(especially the flat stages) but I will play all the different sprints, from mountain sprints, to the intermediate sprint.

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Console: PS4
Capture Card: Elgato HD
Mic: Rode nt-usb
Camera: Panasonic HC-W580 twin
Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13 And Adobe After affect cs6
Thumbnail Creator: Photoshop
Royalty Free Music:

source: https://dragonquest-10.com/

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