Let's Play Superman 64 – Stage 1 Part 1/2

44 thoughts on “Let's Play Superman 64 – Stage 1 Part 1/2

  1. Did you know that this game used to be very good in programming, but before release, Warner Bros forced Titus to remove 2 years of the programming?

  2. I was 9 when I first watched this on release. For anyone in the UK I finished year 4 going into year 5 of primary school. I have finished Primary, secondary school and college while waiting for the series to conclude.

  3. July 6 2021 will make this video the same age as the game when this video came out. I wonder what stage we will be on by then?

  4. I love how this LP will realistically hit its 10 Year Anniversary before it's finished. I mean it's not hard to understand why, but it's still funny.

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