Minecraft RAFT – SHARK EATS ME?!

38 thoughts on “Minecraft RAFT – SHARK EATS ME?!

  1. Can we SMASH 5000 LIKES for MORE Minecraft RAFT?! Hope you all enjoy this BRAND NEW Series that we've been working on for a LONG TIME and lemme know if YOU want to see MORE! Also, comment below if YOU want to see me play the actual RAFT Indie Game! It looks like a LOT of fun and I'd LOVE to record it! NEW Minecraft Hello Neighbor COMING SOON too! 😀
    QOTD: Who was YOUR Favorite character in TODAY's video?! (And what's your FAVORITE type of Shark?)

  2. Thanks man show you can't do this and also German Tango Mango Tango you cannot do this you are crazy or stupid also you can things to scriber 1 million subscriber and 1 million 1 million views Instagram views que even I was scratching everything everything everything everything you do for your respect

  3. A big big Ricky is so dumb he might be like 50 hundred percent is so dumb toys smt down he's not even a fan of zombie smt so he must go down and do one slice the ultimate Jim give us powers and we can Fusion together to for Freon into what and this is fair I Square

  4. play the actual game please its more intresing a nd coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
    pluse, I love your videos and how you make me and my sister laugh all the time, can you do some more summoning videos like summoning maui and darth vader , you should do another video were Ricky, Rodrigo, Maui, Frost dude, and Curry lover dude are all in a video with you trying to summon rick and morty
    thanks for being so awesome

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