MKS05T | WOOD SAWDUST MACHINE | Max 5-7 t/h | 110 kw inverter

✪ With application of advanced technology, our sawdust machine can process wood log, tree branch, tree root, bamboo, slab, wood block and any kinds of hard plastic, PVC, paper pipe and chemical material, etc.
✪ Characterized with simple operation and maintenance, efficient output, wide range of application and highly automatic, etc, the sawdust machine can pulverize the above raw materials into 0-6 mm fine particle efficiently.
✪ This sawdust production machine is very specially producing the sawdust from woodlog to sawdust just in one step without hammer mill and grinder process only just one chop-mill.
✪ Using the there wood pellet process instead of hammer mill process. It’s simple and easy operating and drum knife repairing quickly also this chop-mill knife life time are 1,000 hours production available by normal stone shaving grinder. Chop-mill (sawdust machine) beaver production capacity is from 01 ton/h to 20 tons/ h.
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