Most Obese Country Comparison

Is USA the most obese country? How about the skinniest country? We compare using animated countryballs, specially designed for this video. The fatness level is measured using 3 indices: BMI (Body Mass Index), Obesity rate and overweight rate of countries. We use the popular countryball series where the length of the ball corresponds with the unit size of BMI.

Visualization note: The countryballs have same height but are linearly scaled across their width by their BMI. i.e. A Countryball with a BMI of 30 would be 1.5X the width of a Countryball with a BMI of 20.

Flag note for Poland: Polandball is drawn this way as a rule of Countryball (upside down)! That is also why Indoball has a rice hat.

Music Used: Clowning Around by Jason Shaw (Creative Common License 3.0)
Music Provided by:
Image Use: Drawn and scaled by us with background from flag designs from Wiki Commons.

Sources: World Health Organization
BMI Data: “Global status report on noncommunicable diseases 2014” –
Obesity and Overweight Data: “Diabetes country profile 2016” –

Disclaimer: This video is for infotainment purposes only. Some countries may have higher BMI which may translate to higher muscle mass than fats, but for comparison purpose, we line them up in terms of BMI, followed by Obesity Rate, then Overweight Rate.

Due to lack of information, the following countries are excluded: Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Sao Tome & Principe, South Sudan.


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47 thoughts on “Most Obese Country Comparison

  1. You wanna know the secret of being fat in Australia..?

    Beer, bbqs, meat pies and of course bunings sausage sizzle.

  2. Im from south korea but I live in america A.K.A. one of the more obese ones and when I go to a american restaurant I can barely eat my entire meal and then the waiter literally asks if I want dessert Im like wtf how do people eat this much

  3. What the he**?!!!
    Why colours of poland's flag (1:25) are red – white??
    It should be a white – red colours….seriously?

  4. burundi have no food so he thin as a rail. Nigeria and bhutan are both poor but have a lot of food. Belarus is average. USA is fat. NAURA IS FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT

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