My LDL Cholesterol is High, But I’m Not Worried… Yet.

This is part one of a three-part series on cholesterol, heart disease risk, and the start of my personal journey towards health optimization via food and dietary strategy.

On March 8, 2019, I made a post on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) explaining that after a dietary change, I was feeling better than I’d felt in 10 years, and at age 37, was ready to begin a public journey to find the most optimal diet.

In this video, I discuss my blood panel from March 2019, which was after a “close to carnivore” diet – very heavy in meat, and nearly all in ketosis. My numbers are as follows:

Triglycerides: 66
HDL: 59
LDL: 193
Total Cholesterol: 269
Non HDL: 210
HbA1c: 5.2

Known Ratios of Interest:
Chol/HDLC: 4.56 (want to be under 4.5, 4.0 is even better)
TG/HDL: 1.12 (want to be under 2.0, 1.2 even better)

This presents a unique situation. While total choleseterol and LDL are high, which concerns doctors, my triglycerides are low and my HDL is high, which are even more powerful. So am I at risk for heart disease or cardiovascular disease? The data from four studies discussed in this video (Framingham, Bertsch, Jeppeson, and Wang) indicates that I am NOT.

My doctors wanted me on statins. But is high LDL cholesterol REALLY that bad if it’s not alongside other bad numbers?

It turns out that this unique situation is actually NOT so unique. A scientist known as Dave Feldman discovered this on himself (but an even more extreme case), and found that many lean keto and low-carb dieters get results like this. He calls them Lean Mass Hyper Responders, and they’re all fit, lean, and extremely healthy. Except for this one little LDL number.

Even crazier, Dave figured out how to completely hack the lipid panel in just THREE days – eating a bunch of garbage!!

So is it enough to warrant statins? Honestly, we need more information. And that’s what we’re going to get into in part two.

And if you want to see what I do to test how I can move these numbers, subscribe to the channel. It’s just the start!

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UPDATE: Despite my general non-concern with this lipid profile for at least part of the year, I wanted to see what would happen if I placed 100g net carbs around my AM workouts.

Behold in the updated posts, “How I “Fixed” My Cholesterol Levels with a Low-Carb Diet” ( and the associated video, “Reducing LDL Cholesterol with a Low-Carb Diet (But Not TOO Low!)” (

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9 thoughts on “My LDL Cholesterol is High, But I’m Not Worried… Yet.

  1. UPDATE:

    Despite my general non-concern with this lipid profile for at least part of the year, I wanted to see what would happen if I placed 100g net carbs around my AM workouts. Behold!!

  2. I eat mostly LCHF trending toward carnivore, and my numbers are almost identical to yours. I am 6' 1", 180 lbs, 32" waist, and my BP is perfect Joint pain is almost non-existent since changing from a more plant-based diet.

    I don't go to doctors or do meds; I value my health.

  3. if you want your LDL to go up, but still maintain a good TG/HDL ratio, do carnivore. my TG/HDL ratio is at 0.8

  4. You also mentioned high cholesterol was protective in elderly. That's because when you start to really near death your cholesterol levels plummet. Thus when looking at the numbers one would suggest they lower cholesterol levels lead to a comparatively early death.

  5. Dietary cholesterol, saturated fats, and trans fats directly raise cholesterol. This is a proven fact. There's numerous reasons why despite this some articles and meta analyses say otherwise, though all of which can easily be debunked. With a cholesterol level that high you are at risk of having a heart attack at any time anywhere. Will you? Probably not. Do you need a statin to lower your cholesterol? Not if you stop consuming copious amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. Will you? Probably not.

  6. Idk man your LDL is really high. If it was only a little high I would say ok but yours is very high. But hey i'm not a cardiovascular expert so who knows. It will be interesting to see how it all works out. It's nice to see all the research you are doing in these videos goodstuff man.

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