NEW 2019 55" LG 4K NanoCell TV UNBOXING & REVIEW – Best Smart TV?

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This is the brand new LG SM90 NanoCell TV! My official unboxing and review! Cheaper than OLED technology, is this the best LED / LCD Smart TV 2019? Best gaming TV 2019? All the talk in 2019 has been about the LG Rollable Signature TV and even 8K displays, but what about this NanoCell technology? Similar to the Samsung QLED range, let me know your early thoughts?!
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36 thoughts on “NEW 2019 55" LG 4K NanoCell TV UNBOXING & REVIEW – Best Smart TV?

  1. This is an advert. Shame. Its hard to find an honest review on youtube anymore. Enjoy your free TV, plus fee for reviewing it mate.

  2. I own this tv, only the 65 inch. I will say right off the bat I am returning it this week.
    The good: the colors on this tv in vivid mode are stunning. Gaming on this tv is fantastic as well.
    The bad: first and foremost… if you watch sports, do Not buy this tv. The motion blur makes sports absolutely completely unwatchable. No amount of tweaking the settings will fix it. I watch football and this alone is a deal breaker. Blooming is Awful, massive banding on white screens as well as soap opera effect.
    be aware of its limitations.

  3. Idea for most realistic tv ever. Make near microscopic rgb single pixels. Which light up and work similar to oled, but better. Inside the green red and blue, add a glow in the dark liquid to add an effect. Lol crazy inventions that may one day be a thing,

  4. Oh man so I’ve always been a bit of a tv snob but I don’t watch tv like I used to either …. that said the last tv I bought was a Panasonic 55 inch plasma that was tv of the year …. which I absolutely loved but I gave it away because my lady friend had a “tv” when I moved in …. well that “tv” just took a 💩 and now I’m scrambling …. yeah I’d love to plunk down 2500 on an OLED from LG but again I don’t watch that much ….. little sports , movie here and there … maybe some ps4 too but again , very rare
    My question is do I grab this ☝🏼 for 750 or go with a Hisense 65 inch for 400 ? Is there THAT much of a difference or am I really splitting hairs ?

  5. Got tv yesterday love it. But when i hook up my ps4 pro in hdmi 1 it seems to select game mode only when im connected it this correct or do i manually put it on?

  6. Just wondering if theres an easy way to switch between Satellite and Terrestrial on the Remote,, this is something i have yet to see on an LG tv even the newest OLED models?>

  7. I got last years model and it has been a fantastic TV… Much better than standard LED but obviously not as good as OLED. It's super fast for gaming, the colours are vivid and 4K HDR is amazing. The only 2 niggles i have with this TV… is the full array local dimming isn't perfect… Higher you go the deeper the blacks but you do get halo or too little backlighting on very dark images.. So the Dimming works but it has problems. The 2nd niggle is just the remote… The OK button is like a mouse middle button.. shit for the primary button.

    Still very happy with my purchase will serve me well till next time which will be stepping into OLED. Just need that to be improved for static images you get on games and desktop etc.

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