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Ollie is out at the Tour de France Grand Depart in Brussels and checked out the launch of a new bike component brand: Cadex. Their product range features premium new carbon wheels, tyres and saddles developed alongside the CCC Pro cycling team.

In association with Cadex.

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41 thoughts on “New Cadex First Look | Hot Tour de France Tech

  1. Finally wheels that are light! ENVE's and Zipp need to follow Cadex.

    The Cadex 42mm tubulars are only 58 grams heavier than Lightweight wheelset!
    Cadex 65mm tubulars are 1367 grams!

    These wheels will be released in Sept 2019. I want order a pair!

  2. DT Swiss 240 hubs can easily be optioned at 24t, 36t and 54t for anybody who's seriously interested…
    Now what was that you were saying about the 30t Giant hubs?

  3. Why I saw some typical DT Swiss marks on the hub, like the "11 Speed Road" on the freehub body? I think this is another DT hub derivative, not as what Ollie said: "designed everything from the ground of all the components…"

  4. What wheel company brings out new wheels & says “yeah, these new wheels are dead slow & soo unaerodynamic. We haven’t put any effort in & we are literally selling you a sticker on someone elses wheel!!” Not convinced by aero in Bunch races. Once you’re in the wheels you’ll hardly be pedalling anyway. So why do you want a 60 or a 40. Surely you’ll need a fast accelerating wheel more than anything. Oh yeah also I actually have a pair of hand built tubs where a wheelbuilder bought in hubs, rims & spokes. & they piss all over every other wheelset for £350. Rather than £3K.

  5. For information, the link to the CADEX web site is not working, you should use this one instead 🙂

  6. The word Giant as a bicycle brand weather Red heard or spoken leaves a bad taste in my mind because the only giant brand bicycles I've ever seen are really clunky really shity Walmart Style looking aluminum frame bikes… so I'm very surprised to hear that they are the largest bike manufacturer in the world. But then again I am American so maybe it's the market I'm in. Also I've been financially destitute most of my life and have not been able to hang out with people who ride because most poor people here to not prioritize bicycles and thought us because cycling is an expensive endeavor here I do not get much exposure to nice bikes.

  7. I think you have a point about the wheel altering the hub sound – certainly cassettes seem to, with alloy cogs being particular offenders.

  8. How funny. Quite ironic that the rims have exactly the same depth as Giants rims .. just a markup in price for a different name?

  9. To be fair GCN is becoming way too elitist. Most of us in the real world don't buy this tech. Are you for us or against us GCN, because you are all about name dropping. Maybe aim your spin at the racing demographic.

  10. I’m glad someone still remembers the Cadex (i.e. Giant) early lugged carbon fibre road and MTB frames from the 1990s, I think. Apparently, other cycling news sites are run by millennials who were just infants then.😅

  11. With the trend going back to lower profile rims even for disc, as the wheels are interchangeable and marketable to a wider customer base Why 60mm and 42mm? 38 & 27 are the size they should be looking at as the joe average can get that sub 1350g disc climbing wheelset. Carbon spoked wheelsets are available for years now and even lighter from expensive brands to Asian suppliers. cadex is basically Giant much like Pro is Shimano. I aee what theyre doing by renaming so as to sell to all customers not just giant.

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