One day trip to Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

We did an one-day trip to Ha Long Bay. Even though it was very crowded we had lots of fun. It took us 3.5 hrs by bus to get to the harbor from Hanoi. We cruised around this scenic area, visited suprising cave, did some kayaking, hiked up to titop island and watched the most stunning sunset.

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3 thoughts on “One day trip to Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

  1. Amazing! You did a great job of portraying both the energy and excitement of the area as well as the calmness and beauty of it (or what I imagine it to be anyway). The edits flow very nicely, and the music truly complements the scene. I especially enjoyed from 3:41 onwards. The calmness of the boat ride accompanied by the music adds a nice contrast to the otherwise high-energy and upbeat mix!

  2. This channel is so underrated! You deserve more attention and perhaps more views with your vlogs and travels, I'm lovin it!

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