Parents Who Have Lost a Child | Can Ask Meh?

How did your child pass on? Did you blame anyone for what has happened? How do you deal with grief? These are some of the questions that parents who have lost their child answer on this episode of ‘Can Ask Meh?’

If you need help, approach a counsellor at Child Bereavement Support, Singapore via or email to [email protected]

CAM is inspired by You Can’t Ask That, Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s original series.

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41 thoughts on “Parents Who Have Lost a Child | Can Ask Meh?

  1. Our utmost thanks to the parents for sharing their stories. Watch with subtitles by enabling [CC]. Watch the previous episode featuring people with Down syndrome here:

    If you enjoyed our video you can contribute by helping us translate the video into different languages for our friends from different parts of the world!

  2. I just recently lost my cousin on September 13, 2019, to a fatal car crash. I don’t have children yet but I could not fathom what my aunt and uncle are feeling as losing their child. I hope that parents that have lost their children honor them and continue with their life and although I know the pain will never go away. 💜

  3. I have a one fear,
    Im scared what my last words would be
    Im not scared of dying, im going to die either way, either now or 50 years from now.
    I know my loved ones are going to die either way.
    Im not scared of oblivion. My children will remember me, my grandchildren will know me(I hope)
    But at my great grandchildren generation, i will be forgotten.
    Im scared what my last words will be.
    Im scared that my last words to my loved ones will be "I hate you" (Thats why i dont dare to say that to anyone)
    Im scared that before i die or my loved ones dies that we were fighting.
    Im sorry i bored you
    If you read it all then thanks

  4. I'm a casket maker by profession and trade and I've made casket for all type of people and all type of price range but a few years ago I decided to stop making infant and children casket it was so hard every time I had to make one because every time I had to make one I knew a family lost a child so now I only make adult caskets.

  5. The woman who lost her daughter to cancer (second lady in pink shirt)
    I've actually had migraines for about 4 years now. I've been to hospital multiple times for it and doctors still have no idea what's causing it. All they said there could be something there that might not show up until you're older. It makes me worried that it's something that serious as to cancer.

  6. Words of Hope to parents after the terrible grief of the loss of a child… "That beloved child addresseth thee from the hidden world: 'O thou kind Mother, thank divine Providence that I have been freed from a small and gloomy cage and, like the birds of the meadows, have soared to the divine world — a world which is spacious, illumined, and ever gay and jubilant. Therefore, lament not, O Mother, and be not grieved; I am not of the lost, nor have I been obliterated and destroyed." ~ Abdu'l-Baha, Baha'i Faith

  7. Children just stop suiside you are just being selfish have you ever thought what would your parents or friend or someone you love would react to your death just stop

  8. I’m literally crying so hard right now. Our family has immigrated to another country recently. Things are just so new, hard and overwhelming that I have never felt more depressing in my life. At a point in time, everytime I lie in bed, the idea of ending this all and to be gone for good seized me. I was thinking how people would only remember me when I were gone. But I’m glad I gave myself time. Enough time that I got to see this video. No words can describe the pains that the parents are suffering. All I can say is I am sorry for your loss.

  9. Im literally sobbing 😢seeing how much pain the parents are in and I remember the times when I thought about sucide too and now I think this is how my parents will feel I'm never doing it 😔 sucide is the worst choice

  10. My sister died when she was very young. She lived for 1 year she was very sick and she died 🙁 but if she survived she would be in a lot of pain. She is in a better place now

  11. I always thought that my parents don't love me even If I die. I saw this video and I realize what my parents feel if something happen to me. Idk. I don't like living here but seeing them in pain over their lost love ones is…

  12. Max was a 10 year old with the wisdom that couldnt even be brought down to the level of adults,to think that he also had to deal such great anguish really saddens me as hes just like a normal boy trying to live hes life

  13. My mom friends has lost all her child. She has 3 child and she lost them one by one 😢. The youngest was died around 2 years ago and the second one is 4 month ago and the older was 5 days ago. But she always hope and pray and never give up on God. She always pray for her self and her husband for a new happiness.

  14. so im having my mental breakdown for three days now and i just can't take it anymore and i need someone to listen to me and I felt that my "friends" are not interested and i called my parents last night, and i don't know why this video is in my recommended but i clicked it anyway and what these parents feel is like what my parents were feeling the moment i told them im suffering this kind of breakdown since i was in junior highschool, they are so scared that i might commit something that is not very nice. sorry ma, pa.

  15. I lost my mom when I was 10 (17 years ago) I used to get ask why I only lived with my dad and not my mom and I would always respond with "she is away". I also would add up the years when I was asked how old was my mom since my dad is 24 years older than her (he looks more like my grandpa) so people were curious about her age.

  16. Damn, to the friend of Zen, i really want to punch their head.. they should hug him that time :" or at least asking his condition and talked to his mum. But his mom forgive him :" God Bless You mam

  17. I feel depressed and I’m scared to say anything to my mom and currently I’m in the states custody so imagine what would happen if they knew. They would blame my mom and take me away. I don’t want that to happen, I’ve thought of suicide at times for reasons and one of them is that I’m so tired of what’s happening currently in my life that I can’t take it anymore.

  18. The lady in a pink t-shirt – omg, I wish I could take a tiny piece of your attitude. The way you explain everything and handle the whole situation is just so impressive.

    Sending hugs to all the parents <3

  19. God forbid this happens to anyone. These people have a strong heart and will to keep moving. Honestly I wouldn't be the same, if I lost my kid (when I end up having one). I would probably drink myself to death.

  20. casually today i was thinking on how people can live their lives with so big wounds like a broken heart, but after seeing this video i just compared the lost of a child with a broken heart and it's nothing, i've imagined taking my own life too much times that i even convinced myself that i'll do it soon, i just can't stop feeling ashamed, guilty and regretful of having done things the way i did them, of having cut off the relationship that i had with my boyfriend and the same time bestfriend, i just can't hold this pain, he's in my class and it hurts me to see him everyday, i just want to graduate to stop feeling like this but i'm afraid that i could continue feeling this even after graduation, because he forgave me, but i have not, i try to think that i'm so young and maybe i will fail a lot of relations too because any human born knowing how to love correctly but i still not forgive me and i just can't believe i was that person so evil and insensitive, sometimes i feel like i will never overcome this cause today i realize that it has been a year since i broke with him so maybe i should seriously look for help.

  21. căn bệnh đột quỵ cũng đã cướp bố tôi đi khi ông mớ 43 tuổi vào hồi năm 2018 … 1 cú sốc đối voiwsi gia đình tôi , ng thân , và cả bạn bè của bố tôi ,,, vì ông ấy vào buổi tối vẫn đang khỏe mạnh đi coi worldcup …… và sáng ngày hôm sau …….

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