Philips 804 OLED TV Unboxing, Setup & Picture Settings

We unbox the Philips 804 4K OLED TV, and explain the picture settings in the user menu.

Our OLED804 review sample is the 65-inch Philips 65OLED804/12, but it’s also available in a smaller 55-inch screen size (55OLED804).

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41 thoughts on “Philips 804 OLED TV Unboxing, Setup & Picture Settings

  1. I would really like to know input lag on this tv via ps4 or xbox or pc for some gaming. Bc right know on the verge of buying new tv and this is one of my pick then samsung q70 and sony 9000 all at 65". So my question is what's going with input lags on this tv and would you recommend it for gaming

  2. 11:13 Indeed. I even have one disc that says it has Dolby Vision on the box but in reality, it doesn't! At least it doesn't work on my set, which is Dolby Vision capable and my other discs that claim to have it works no problem.

  3. "Perfect Natural Reality"?!?! Sigh… Just wondering. Why can't TV manufacturers name settings with their actual names? These marketing terms are just as confusing to the general public and create confusion even for the people who would be familiar with them if they were named appropriately.

  4. Hello. Has somebody the ISF settings for the 55 804?The out of the box performance in ISF Night and day is not so accurate… The Panasonic out of the box performance is better. There are perhaps a lot of red and green in the greyscale? How can i change it. Or ist here a proffessional calibrator in Basel ( Switzerland ) ? I need ISF night for night viewing. But its a bit to warm. But its the most accurate mode on the settings. Perhaps Vincent can give the corrcts settings for his 65 804. I now. Each panel is a bit different. But i think its better than the out of the box performance of my 55 804. For accurate colors i perfer panasonic. But ists a qeustion of the corrects settings with the Philips. And to find them ist difficult. Thanks Andy form Switzerland

  5. Hi Vincent, i am interested in de hdr perfect setting. On my 804 it is always grayed out no matter what video input….? I hope in the review you can adress this

  6. I really hope you’ll share your finding and best picture settings when you’re done reviewing this 804. I just bought one myself and want to get the most out of it 😁

  7. Hi Vincent, I really appreciate your reviews which helps layman's like us to get a clearer Idea about the technicalities of today's Televisions. I would like to know about this California based Brand called VU which market themselves with the capabilities of good video upscaling are they any good?

  8. hey man, i watch all your videos and i love your channel. i have two questions, is it easy to calibrate without sensor? and how much difference does it make with a calibrated vs noncalibrated screen?

  9. May I say that I respect that you’re a professional calibrator you and many others that do these television reviews. As a consumer I have owned many high-end TVs throughout my years and I found with the exception of when I watch a movie in a very dark room the movie mode is not the most pleasing mode. I really don’t understand why movie mode is selected on all the testing when the majority of consumers will not use that mode because they will find that it is too dark and blah and yes I know about disabling the energy saving features and the room sensing features and all that. What I would find fantastic is that some of these TVs that are tested should actually be tested in the standard or natural mode and given your professional judgment in that mode rather than the movie mode?

  10. Is there any difference in overall picture quaility with 803 and 804 or just a minor difference in terms of picture quaility when normal viewing at home ? Can consumer tell the difference from the naked eyes ?

  11. Hi,vincent,I bought a 804 this week in china,and I am waiting for 804 settings .where can I find your suggeet settings?
    sry for my pool english and thx your work.

  12. Philips or Toshiba TVS , i never seen & hardly is in U.S , no body think of them or see them around!…BUT i wanna get TCL 8 SERIES soon

  13. I'm waiting for this TV almost 1/2 year 😀 and it's still not avaible in my country (Czech Republic) 🙁 I really like Ambilight but I heard I can do it on my own with LED strip on every TV 🙂
    What about sound ? How does it sound ?
    Can you compare picture quality/colours with LG OLEDs ? Every salesman in electroshops told me that LG OLEDs are the best -_-
    In review on "trustedreviews" page is in Cons: Colours flare out in Vivid mode. Is it true ?
    What are Pros and Cons from your opinion ?
    Are in package 2 remote controls (normal + magic stick) ? Or only normal ? Has normal remore control on QWERTZ side touchpad or its just empty space between 2 sides ?
    Do you think that Ambilight will work good when I set Wall colour to Grey ? Yeah, my wall is grey 🙁
    I'm really excited about this TV so sorry about a lot of questions but I have no experience with OLEDs yet 🙂
    Thank you for answers 😉

  14. Dear Vincent, i have to decide this week. 🙁
    – Which OLED – Panasonic 1004, LG C9, Philips 804 – may be best suited for old SD material (480p-720p)?
    The Philips seemed to be a positive surprise at a quick glance in the shop.
    – Did you already find a dealbreaker (for ex. software bugs Philips was famous for) in the 804 or does it seem okay?

  15. YES! Discs need to be labeled to indicate if they support Dolby Vision. I have two 4K players. One support DV and the other one does not. Users of the Sony X800M2 will want to know if the disc provides DV so they can manually turn on DV support. They label the discs as having Dolby Atmos, so why not include the Dolby Vision labeling?

  16. Who buys p[hillipps TVs? Of 50 friends I know who has on average, 2 4K tvs each…NONE. Wut is wrong with Phillips? Are they so inepth at marketing or don't give a shite about sales? Most own Samsung, LG , Sony, Vizio, TCL in that order. I has NEVER even seen a philipps 4K TV…

  17. I really wish you would at least devoted a few minutes to display the screen, demo the sound 🔊, features on the 🔙 like USB, HDMI etc. Software Android? etc

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