Piltover and Zaun Card Special Interactions – Jinx, Ezreal, Heimerdinger, Teemo etc

Special/Hidden/Secret Interactions for the Piltover and Zaun Cards in Legends of Runeterra.
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Shows Arrival interactions as well as deaths and victory of cards from Piltover and Zaun such as Jinx, Ezreal, Heimerdinger and Teemo.

The interactions trigger by the left card being in play and then the card on the right arriving.
Jinx, Ezreal, Heimerdinger, Teemo and other cards from Piltover and Zaun will appear in other region videos as they have other unique lines for when other cards in play first and they arrive onto the board.

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46 thoughts on “Piltover and Zaun Card Special Interactions – Jinx, Ezreal, Heimerdinger, Teemo etc

  1. I think i'm kinda disturbed about what ezreal said that "i didn't think that her big brother would be so big"…. I think i'm thinking of a diffrent thought

  2. The Teemo here is the friendly one.

    They haven't showed his in-lore merciless and cold and dark and crazy and dark and merciless and cold and high mushrooms and dark, on the battlefield Teemo.

  3. the way ezreal told to himself that he was good looking is like my classmates' awkward praises to each other– and tbh its fucking lame

  4. i really hope Twitch and Warwick are gonna be added soon into that package~ that will add some really edgy and funny comments

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