Power Of The Ruler in Microsoft Word

43 thoughts on “Power Of The Ruler in Microsoft Word

  1. i still can't find my ruler on word 97-2004 :((((((( I'll learn all of that but i still can't find this ruler here :(((

  2. Amazing, super, absolutely relieving from the dread of tabs, margins, paragraphs, indents!!! Thank you very much Nancy!!! May God bless you!!!

  3. The time I've wasted. I've struggled with the ruler, tabs and indents for years – thank you so much for explaining what has been , for me, incomprehensible. You should get some award from the government!

  4. Thanks!
    I was always a little confused by the ruler and what it could do, so I never really used it.
    Now it's crystal clear and my documents will be better for it.

  5. You're my new hero. (Congratulations — it comes with a radio. [Note the em dash? I did that for you: …my hero. (I didn't even hyphenate, "em dash." And, look at all these sub-sentences [beginning with, "And" is just fine — as I'm sure you would agree]. Hero.)])

  6. Perfect tutorial, perfect video, and of course perfect teacher!

    I don't think I enjoyed a tutorial more than this one.

    To the point, nothing more nothing less.

    Thank you so much, wish you the best.

  7. Nancy – I have never seen or heard a better, concise, perfect voice clarity and speed in a tutorial. I've just looked down at the other comments and they are as admiring as I am. Thank you Nancy. I have subbed.

  8. You obviously know Word but you really need to speed things up for this tutorial. You don't need to tell me 10 times that the grey area is the margin. Say it once and move on.

  9. Great explanation thanks and I used to train Word years ago!! However I'm stuck on the fact that my right margin has disappeared totally from the ruler -eeek ! Has anyone got an idea how to get it back?

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