Rainbow Six Siege: Phantom Sight Operators Gameplay and Gadget Starter Tips | Ubisoft [NA]

Operation Phantom Sight is introducing two new Operators to Team Rainbow to change the way you see things. Warden, the defender, can use his Glance Smart Glasses to become immune to flashes and see through smoke. While Nøkk, the attacker, can move silently and disappear from camera feeds. Watch gameplay of their gadgets in action and scope out the renovation to the extensively reworked Kafe Dostoyevsky map.



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Squad up and breach in to explosive 5v5 PVP action. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege features a huge roster of specialized operators, each with game-changing gadgets to help you lead your team to victory. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PC.

• Command an arsenal of gadgets to secure the win: Set traps, fly drones, track footsteps, see through walls, and more!
• Lead your teammates to victory in intense, fast-paced PVP matches across a wide variety of destructible arenas.
• Join a massive online community of over 45 million players as you fight for supremacy.
• An ever-expanding universe of Operators, gadgets, items, and events – updated all year long.

Rainbow Six Siege: Phantom Sight Operators Gameplay and Gadget Starter Tips | Ubisoft [NA]

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48 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege: Phantom Sight Operators Gameplay and Gadget Starter Tips | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. I know It's almost Y4S3 however I only just realised that Ubisoft is Glorifying America 😂

    So many American ops.

    I'm fine with the basic 4 FBI ones , but then we have the Navy Seals and now the Secret Service?

  2. All seriousness, can we just appreciate this commentating, straight up the best i ever seen, doesn’t take like a robot and talk just like any other player that actually played the game

  3. I would love to play them in multiplayer and in ranked but you guys just have this really crappy ability to make other people play with like diamonds and plats when they shouldn't be. You need to come up with a way where unranked play with unranked and bronze plays with bronze and silver is with silver and gold Gold's with Golds and up. I get really tired of playing multiplayer when I run across people who haven't seen the light of day in 13 years.

  4. You know Warden would be more important if Yings Candellas just did something. For me 60% of the time the enemy looks right at them without getting blinded at all.

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