Review of The Magic Candle 1

Review of Mindcraft Software’s 1989 DOS release of The Magic Candle 1.

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Weird sound blips:
01:26 should be “control them”.
01:45 should be “original dungeons & dragons”.


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10 thoughts on “Review of The Magic Candle 1

  1. I've wondered about the Magic Candle games. They always come across as weird Ultima clones. Looks like the game could have used some tweaking to controls like the equip weapons. I'd be avoiding fights! You said there's a time duration to finish the game? Does it give you plenty of time? I may have to give this game a try. The graphics really remind of Ultima 5, but they still look good for 1989. Thanks for the review, Darrell. I look forward to your videos all the time!

  2. Really good review, the best maybe I've seen. I LOVED this one!

    You will need to leave one herb or mushroom from the patches you come across so they will grow back! At least I always did.

    I liked the sounds BTW and the box art was also great. I thought the whole game was a work of art!

    Thank you !

  3. Great review! I've never heard of this game. Amazing how there are all these complex systems and layers in this 1989 game, the kind of stuff you won't even see in modern fancy RPGs.
    A game came out a few days ago on Steam called "Fit For A King" which has a similar art style, thought you might find it interesting:

  4. Ahhhh, times when I could play a game without using screen magnifier, since everything was comfortably large even on 14" CRT monitor

  5. If I had known about this game when I was a kid, I would have love to play this. Just the kind of game to give you fond memories that you remember as an adult. Thank you for the review!

  6. Also, this game sounds a bit similar to descriptions of Ultima 5, which came out a year before, so I would like to see how they compare, when I get to them.

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