Samsung Q80R 2019 QLED TV Review

We review the Samsung Q80R QLED TV which is a step-down model from the 4K flagship Q90R. It features full-array local dimming backlighting, quantum dot colours, HDR support for HDR10, HLG and HDR10+ but not Dolby Vision, Ultra Wide viewing angle, as well as Ultra Black Filter.
Compared with the Q90, the Q80 doesn’t have as many local dimming zones, and no One Connect box. Our review sample is the 55-inch Samsung QE55Q80R.
Picture quality attributes tested include black level and contrast, colours, motion, video processing, screen uniformity, HDR, as well as gaming input lag.
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28 thoughts on “Samsung Q80R 2019 QLED TV Review

  1. this tv isn't worth its price really. the vizio quantum line are superior to this and cost less, lg nanocell line is superior to this and cost less. quite frankly I have seen this side by side with the tcl 6 series and hisense h9f and either tv would be a suitable replacement for this tv to 95% of people for way less money. the Samsung is a superior panel to those two options but at its price, no way would I buy this tv over the many alternatives that are as good or better than this tv. with the "budget brands" offering so much in terms of performance and features brands like Samsung, lg and sony are going to have to step up if they want to compete. 10% better performance does not justify 2x the price to 99% of customers. I know my friends and family wouldnt look at this tv side by side with the tcl 6 series and say the Samsung was significantly better and once they saw the prices not a single one would even consider the Samsung option. Samsung and sony really need to cut prices. the 65" vizio quantum x can be had for 1400$ and It offers better performance than this tv. right now on amazon ther q80r 65'' is 1997$. outrageous this tv better compares to the basic vizio quantum for 1000$ these companys need to wake up. esp when the quality of Samsung and lg tv's is nothing to write home about you really aren't getting much for the expense. I refuse to spend this sort of money for a tv that offers so little at its price point

  2. HK Q80R comes with the one connect box and supports hdmi 2.1 and 4k/120fps. Also found a new setting in the picture expert menu "Input Signal Plus", when I connected my PC to the TV, it automatically enabled this option and displayed 4096×2160 / 60p, but the PC resolution was set at 3840×2160 (native). Another funny thing is that when you connect PC to the TV, it originally only has 2 picture modes to choose from (standard/dynamic) but after the "Input Signal Plus" was enabled, it has all 4 modes to choose from. I think the TV thinks my PC is a blue-ray player lol

    The picture quality is way better after Input Signal Plus is turned on.

  3. Turkey version comes with the one connect box and direct full array 8x and hdr12x for Q80R. What is difference between HDR12X and HDR1500?

  4. I've a feeling the back panel of the TV shows a slot for One Connect box cable adapter, so likely it supports the One Connect box.

  5. Hello. What are the biggest differences between this model and QE65Q7FN? Is the picture quality really that different as the price? Thank you.

  6. Best version of this TV, and one of the best Samsung TVs of 2019 in general, is the european Q85R.
    It have more Dimming Zones than the regular Q80R and comes with the One Connect Box.

  7. Oh forgot to tell you good job on catching the stutter because it was pretty bad even on last years model with auto motion plus on it was there also but it helped because the motion on the qled line without auto motion plus was pretty bad at least on my set it was like everything was so damn stuttery almost to the point were it reminds you of skipping or something was weird another thing that highlight polsurization varies per unit some units seem to have more then others I've seen units without that issue completely as weird as it is I've noticed a big variance even in there processing and that's really fucking weird and unlike most companies use like 5 Samsung units of the same TV you wont just get variants in color and other stuff like that you will get worse or better motion worse noise or better noise worse polsurization or better polsurization and it's very fucking weird test it out and try it I mean best buy has like 4 q90r TVs up in the store 2 aide by side and they all have completely different performance you go over to Sony and lg and there almost identical to each unit with small variances that are normal

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