SAVE OLAF from LAVA!! Frozen 2 Hide N Seek game with Elsa & Anna floor is lava escape challenge ❄️🔥

WE NEED TO HELP OLAF he is trapped in a tree surrounded by lava


A for Adley shirts –

HEY EVERYBODY!! WE ARE TRYING A NEW GAME TODAY!! This is the floor is lava board game with the frozen 2 characters!! Anna and Elsa have to help Mom and Me save Olaf who is trapped in the trees!! My Dad went on a trip and hid all the game pieces all over the basement and we had to jump from platform to platform to try and avoid the lava!! My mom and I used teamwork to save olaf and he was so happy!! This might be one of my favorite new games!!

my last video – BARBIE BEACH inside our HOUSE!! Dream Plane pretend vacation with swimming pool and pet dogs!

my dad’s last video – MYSTERY Best Day Ever!! Random Challenges for Adley and Mom, new family vlog routine with a Surprise

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


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