SCP-001 The Sky Above the Port | keter | K-class scenario

SCP-001The Sky Above the Port ( not_a_seagull’s proposal) is a dangerous ongoing ZK-Class “Reality Failure” Scenario where an entity inside a sphere must be read new stories constantly or else it will be hostile and cause the end of the world to happen and destroy the Earth and existance itself!SCP-001-1 is a levitating object contained within Point Alpha, a cave chamber five kilometers south of the ruins of Babylon. SCP-001-1 visually resembles a perfectly smooth sphere with a texture similar to blurred television static. Measurement instruments indicate SCP-001-1 is currently 0.70 meters in diameter. Solids and liquids that pass within the bounds of SCP-001-1 are replaced entirely with argon gas, giving the illusion of disappearing.

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Written by not-a-seagull

About Eastside Show SCP:
Eastside Show SCP covers everything from the SCP Foundation Universe, from tales, stories, scp object readings, and educational videos about the lore of the SCP Foundation universe and how the organization functions! I also cover the various groups of interests that occupy the universe and their relations to the foundation! I even read about some of the most dangerous SCP objects and creatures to ever face the SCP Foundation!

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29 thoughts on “SCP-001 The Sky Above the Port | keter | K-class scenario

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  2. Gonna need you to stop posting all this classified information on the internet in your free time steve. One more and you're on Keter duty. -King of the Booooterflies

  3. Our boy would do some massive better stuff with a slicker presentation. Perhaps even a better mic.

    The future looks bright.

  4. How about when day breaks next.
    And i heard Deadspace123 or Charcoalman is currently working on some When day breaks art. Could you wait until he releases it?

  5. Keep expanding SCP 140 and continuously read that to it. And/or throw a bunch of D class into a book affected by SCP 826 from time to time.

  6. Love it! Your accent when referring to the ancient empires (Macedon, Seleucid, etc.) was wild lol 😂 but anyway listening to Skips is my favorite and your channel is great! Thank you!!

  7. Everybody hold your horses! I didn't hear anything about d-class with nukes strapped to them being sent in?! Let's start the basics, no need to get fancy.- Bright

  8. this scp is the viewers of the lord bung channel when there is not a new episode they thrash AKA they unsubscribe to lord bung and lord bung feels just like the foundation in this situation.

  9. Fanfiction . net should do the trick, albeit avoiding some of the more questionable entries there then it should probably work.

  10. It’s us.

    The real world exists in the SCP universe as a world beyond the SCP world. And we are the eldritch horrors.

    And if they run out of SCPs to tell us about, their universe will disappear.

  11. In fact SCP-001-2? The demon thrashing around when read about dreaming story books and repetetive story books? It's because it is dreaming, and in fact it is dreaming our reality. It is MAKING our reality from SCP-001-2's dreams.

  12. Well, if this one's true that'd undermine the credibility of most, All other SCPs. Bold move on their part. I think I'll consider it, exaggerated, if not false. (Tis the nature of 001 files)

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