Seung Ri and iKON Decide to Perform "Killing Me" [Running Man Ep 416]

26 thoughts on “Seung Ri and iKON Decide to Perform "Killing Me" [Running Man Ep 416]

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  2. To everyone who came here with the idea or thoughts to comment falsified information and to dehumanize seungri. First of all I suggest you come with an open mind that just because u have read certain disgusting shits about him on some channels ,dont be quick to make hasty decisions.U should have the patience to read the actual official news that has been given out. The guy's life and reputation has already been ruined more than enough just because of immature people who doesn't even have the decency to check or wait for official news to be given out before commenting hateful words that if they were in his shoes I'm certain that they won't be able to stomach it.
    I know…I don't know the guy personally but that is also the main and crucial reason why I wait for the real facts and news before judging a person.
    And I suggest you all do it too

  3. Now that it has been proven that Seungri is innocent I feel bittersweet. Happy yet sad at the same time, knowing that he has cleared his name but I still hope he gets back with BigBang

  4. If he’s scandal have been here in USA He’ll still be famous just because a bad decision not to tell the police about what was going on

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