Sony A9G/AG9 2019 OLED TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Sony A9G 4k HDR TV
The Sony A9G is a remarkable OLED TV that delivers excellent picture quality. Like all OLED TVs, the A9G has an emissive technology that allows it to display perfect blacks by switching off individual pixels. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.
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It is better-suited for an average-lit room as it can’t get very bright in SDR and can’t overcome glare in a very bright room. It has a remarkable HDR performance thanks to the wide color gamut and the decent HDR peak brightness that deliver vivid colors and bright highlights. It has excellent reflection handling, and the image remains accurate when viewed from the side. Motion handling is excellent with a fast response time that leaves almost no blur trail behind fast-moving content. Finally, the TV has a low input lag that will satisfy most gamers.
Model tested: 55” (XBR55A9G)
Should also be valid for the 65” (XBR65A9G) and 77” (XBR77A9G)
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Design (01:02)
Inputs (02:07)
Thermal (02:31)
Picture Quality (02:41)
Contrast (02:56)
5% Gray Uniformity (03:36)
Gray Uniformity (04:07)
Viewing Angle (04:44)
Reflections (05:15)
Peak Brightness (05:43)
Color Volume & Gamut (06:49)
Burn-In (07:56)
Response Time (08:18)
Black Frame Insertion (BFI) (09:15)
Input Lag (09:46)
Smart Features & Remote (10:39)
Sound (11:10)
TVs Comparison (11:41)
Conclusion (12:52)


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22 thoughts on “Sony A9G/AG9 2019 OLED TV Review –

  1. Really looking into this TV. I have a 65” LG OLED from 2015 and it suffers from vertical banding issues. Have you experienced this in your Sony A9G?

  2. Great review! Having experienced it myself, I wish you'd mention the compelling (psychoacoustic) effect the Acoustic Surface has on speech; it feels more natural/real to have sound emitted from the face of an actor/actress on screen as apposed to offset speakers. You may think it's silly, and it is subtle, but it really does add to the experience/enjoyment of watching a movie and playing games.

  3. Why doesn't RTINGS just call themselves which Sony OLED TVs get beaten today by an LG B series entry level or C series entry- midrange level TV? incl OLED,( but not brand named LG)

    Last years Sony AF9 OLED gets beaten by the B8? Anyone looking ar buying an A9 will most likely not be looking at a B8 OR a C8. You're in designer level here so the E8 maybe.

    This top 2019 Sony OLED is also beaten by the C8, just as the AF8 was too: See a pattern emerging here?; giving LG entry/mid level OLEDS the nod on the main scoresheet section. over TVs they should not be compared too.

    A B8 ousting an AF9 Which houses the X1 Ultimate chip set? I don't think so. Notice LG OLEDs that are cost par with AF9, AG9, like the E8 is left all alone to reap the PLED mid-high section without a challenger? They are using 'value' LG OLEDs to beat the competition…always. Watch ratings Small print and the picture is clear. If its unintentional its a broken or fixed for,

    Im not saying LG OLEDs aren't brilliant because they are,and Sony dont charge a high price but pitting entry pic quality TV's without the extra yard of refinement incl. sound against high end pricier w/ better build quality doesn't make even a value contest, And No the Alpha 7 doesnt have the upscaling and polishing ability of the X1 Ultimate as the AF/AG9s proved: brighter is not always better, so the value argument is void.

    Watch the C9 do the same thing but its too expensive to pitch yet.

  4. Regardless, at the end of the day, the display pannel is produced and supplied by LG, and people in Japan are not convinced with the high price tag Sony TV with nothing particularly distinctive features.

  5. U are a joke.. sry im really sry for that but u rated the a8g 8.8 like the a9g. Again, thats a fkn joke, u just dont want to accept that the a9g is better than the c9.

  6. Great video as always guys! At 2:10 you talk about the composite input which requires an adapter that isn't included. I got a 850E last year, and I'm scourging for that adapter myself. Contacted Sony Canada numerous times to try and obtain it but no one can help me, they say they need a part number but there isn't one… You guys (or anyone) know where I could get one in Canada? Tried looking at Amazon, but the problem is that the Amazon ones are not the correct pin configuration on the 3.5mm jack (specifically the ground is problematic – from tip to terminal, position #3 needs to be ground, or else it's useless). Good old proprietary Sony…


  7. i have an a9f sony and it s a marvel. the true color on movie compare to the Chernobyl color of the Lg or samsung is for me way better. same for the upscaling and motion flow

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