Sony – BRAVIA – Unboxing the A9G/AG9 Series

Watch this video to learn how to unbox the A9G/AG9 series.

Learn more about Sony BRAVIA TVs:


Model name and actual product design may be different depending on region.
“SONY” and “BRAVIA” are trademarks of Sony Corporation.


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47 thoughts on “Sony – BRAVIA – Unboxing the A9G/AG9 Series

  1. I'm still using the old 54" bravia tv . Probably gonna buy a smart tv after i get married . Right now a tv is so unnecessary for me .

  2. Happy sony customer here…..i bought a tv for my parents a year ago….i think that is a 55-inch smart tv bravia….my nephew enjoys "youtubing"

  3. СУПППЕР!!!ХАЧЮ ТАКУЮ СОНЬКУ. СЕЙЧАС ДОМА 55" И ТОЖЕ СОНЬКА:4К 3D. Модель 2015 года и всё супер.

  4. Probably the only video where proper unboxing is shown. The Sony sound bars are packed in most whacky manner. It's very difficult to put them back in box.

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