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“Upcoming Movie”
I’m working on a Animation or a movie that will be 30 – 40 minutes long. This is just explaining it, as a prequel to Reformed, King’s Will, etc.

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Descriptions: Gameplay iRAIDYOU Animation Reformed Zombie Mode Good Gameplay High Score Best PvP How To Play Tips Tactics interesting New Update

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27 thoughts on “ – Animation Movie Coming Up

  1. hate happen with this
    Expectative:want more evacuations to see the Film for complete
    Reality:no more evacuations and a long film of iRAIDYOU Film only for youtube

  2. Can you add Muffins Tools with 2 special powers 1:hit With Melted Chocholate 2:hit with blueberry fruit.

    Not A Joke

    I Am Serious

    Not So Much

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